Tastykakes from Influnster

I received these yummy treats in the mail from Influenster to review with my honest opinion.  They are called TastyKake Mini cupcakes.  The ones I got were Reese's Peanut Butter.  They were delicious!  The center of the tiny cupcake was filled with a peanut butter cream.  Each pack had 3 tiny cupcakes.  There were 24 in the box.  I was saving them to blog about but when I went to take photos, they were all gone.  My husband had been taking them without my knowledge in his lunch to work. He loves them!

I was having a sad day when the tastykake treats came in the mail because it was my daughter's birthday and she was away at college.  I was missing her lots and wished we were nearby to have a birthday cake and sing happy birthday to her.  So.... I got a cute kate spade plate and took out one of the little cupcakes and added a candle and had a mini celebration in the kitchen to lift my spirits!  It was really fun and the cupcake was so yummy.


You can find the Tastykake social media at these links:
 https://www.facebook.com/Tastykake   https://www.instagram.com/Tastykake


Sewing McCalls 7188

         I just tried a new pattern McCall's 7188 and really love it!  I wrote a review here.
I used Jennifer Paganelli's Jenny Eliza fabric from Jo Ann Fabrics and mixed and matched it with some pink sateen at the waist.  I also added covered buttons.

I highly recommend this pattern because of its simplicity and the way you can mix and match prints.  I changed the skirt out for a simple gathered skirt for a more 50's look because it went better with the fabric.  I plan on making another dress with the a line skirt to see what it looks like.  Maybe in the plaid!

Never miss a chance to be charming...



Yes, I really bought these shoes!

       I must be crazy or feeling old.  I purchased these Orla Kiely Beryl Heels a few days ago!  The heel is 4 3/4 inches high but they are platforms.  I found them on sale at Clarks.com and had to have them.  Isn't it funny how we dream about something and picture ourselves wearing it.  That is what I did with these shoes for months.  If you know my style, you might be confused as to why I would need a sky high pair of heels when I love wearing flats.  I just don't know what attracted me to these shoes but, I really, really love them.  When they arrive next week I will post a photo of me wearing them.  Who knows, they may be the beginning of a whole new me!


Poppy England

          Poppy England is a darling brand that makes unique dresses and other apparel that have themes and British style motifs.  Each dress comes with a matching story book about a little girl named Poppy and her dog Fred.  The fabric prints go with each story.

You can look here to see all about the brand
I just purchased the Budgie dress shown above because I just love parakeets!  I love the dress.  It is more loose fitting than my usual style but it will be a great wear-around-town dress.  There are several other things on my wish-list.
grey tutu
dotty blouse
I found some dresses on modcloth.com here in the US so you can get free shipping and free returns.
I really love how unique and special each of the designs are from Poppy England.  Visit the website and be sure to select USD at the top to see the prices in dollars instead of GBP.

Have a super day!


Tilly and the Buttons patterns

This is the newest style, the Arielle skirt.  I am working on this right now!

      I have been enjoying sewing patterns designed by Tilly Walnes from Tilly and the Buttons.  I thought I would share some of my recent makes with you. The most recent is the Miette skirt.  It is a 1970's style A-line wrap skirt that is super versatile.

tilly offers downloadable patterns that you print out at home!

This is my favorite version in red stretch Sateen from JoAnn fabric's.  I drew an anchor and appliqued it on the side of the skirt to give it a nautical look.

This vintage skirt from Etsy is my first inspiration for the Anchor applique.

This Fun skirt from Boden is where I got the idea for the tilted anchor.  I printed out the photo and enlarged it on the printer to get a guide for my anchor applique.

This one I added a pinafore top between the seams of the waistband making a wrap dress.

Pardon the bare feet.  I was just trying to get a photo of the dress on a real person...   It is super comfy and grows with you because of the wrap feature.  I have crossing straps in the back that are also sewn into the top seam of the waistband so there are no zips or buttons.  You could even make a button on bib if you wanted and wear the skirt both ways!

I am so thankful to Tilly for making such wonderful, easy to follow patterns!  I will post a pic of my Arielle skirt as soon as I finish it.  It has lots of buttons!!



Do you like Boden???


   I have never ordered from Bodenusa.com until recently...
Big NO-NO!
Now I can't stop ordering!

I ordered the Apple print dress above and a darling cropped cardi to match in the blue. The cropped cardigans are a dream come true.  They are the perfect length for dresses and full skirts.  The price is right and the colors are dreamy.
Then I just had to have these darling shoes!  Mid heel, polka dots and bows!  What a perfect shoe...T-strap too!

For good measure I had to get three of these darling Fifties Cardigans in wonderful yummy colors!

I could say that I wish I didn't start this spree but it would totally be untrue.  I am so excited to find some more darling clothes options.  Oh I also ordered these skirts....

I was able to get the longer length which makes them tea length on me.  I am so excited to have some beautiful long silk skirts to wear this spring and summer.  There is a pink one too but I am trying to restrain.  
Do you like Boden?



New Gathered Striped Anne skirts in the shop today!

    I added some new striped Anne skirts to the sandeeroyalty.com shop today!  The Anne is a simple gathered waist skirt that is fun and flirty while still looking classic.  I am really happy to have some new spring colors to look at in the studio.  I am also happy that my new Orla Kiely shoes came in the mail from Clarks so I could wear them for the photo shoot.  Yay, all around!



Questions to ask when doing a closet clean-out

This is my closet right after a clean out a few years ago.  
       When cleaning out the closet for a change in season or a change in your life, there are lots of questions you should ask yourself while sorting through the heaps of clothing.  I have found it very helpful to enlist the assistance of a close friend when you find yourself with too many things and not enough space for them.  It is hard to part with some things that you love but never wear or things that may not be as fresh as they should be.  A friend can be a voice of reason in the process and help you see yourself the way others see you.  I have also asked myself a few hard questions that help in organizing my closet.

1. What are my lifestyle categories?

This question is great because if you are like me, you tend to accumulate clothing in one particular category.  I love dressy clothes!  The problem is that the only place I can wear them is to church and the occasional dressy dinner.  When they take up half of my closet, this is not a good use of space.  I had a lifestyle change when my daughter left for college and I am home sewing most of the time instead of out and about shopping and lunching.  The category of cute housewife clothes should be my largest group of clothes.  I need to reduce the amount of dressy things and focus on those comfortable/cute outfits.  If you have large amounts of work out clothes but never go to the gym, they need to be culled down to just the best things. If you decide to start working out again, you have something cute to wear but the mounds of yoga pants won't take up room in your closet that you need for everyday clothes.  Some different categories could be: Work, Shopping, Exercise, Church, Dinner, Weekend comfy clothes and Formal-wear. 

2. Does this fit me well?

Fit is an important question because if an item doesn't fit, it should not be in the closet.  Keeping it in storage is an option if you are in love with it and want to fit in it again someday.  Alterations are also possible on some favorite things that you may really love.

3. Does this look fresh?

I have the biggest problem with this question when it comes to my favorite cardigan sweaters!  They usually only last one season because they get pill-y and washed out. I hate to part with one of my best cardigans but putting a worn out sweater over a lovely new dress is not a good choice even if it is the best color ever.   Double check your clothes for stains, worn places and faded color.  Remove those things from your closet to keep your wardrobe fresh as a daisy.

4. What organization method will I use?

This question is more advanced and more for someone who has good "closet control" and is ready for some fine tuning.  For fun in the closet, I sort my clothes into color capsules for each season or sometimes each month.  It really makes getting dressed like going to the store each morning.  If you notice in the shops, they have groups of clothing that go together all displayed together.  It looks so inspiring!  I do this in my closet so I will like my clothes more and have an easier time making outfits.  You can group things in color capsules like I do or you can group them into themes like preppy, nautical, floral, sporty etc...  You could also put all the polka dots together, all the stripes and florals and then solids by color.  You can just group everything by colors which is the easiest way to organize.  I usually keep the types (skirt, sweater, shirt etc) together no matter what method I use.  The key to a great closet is not to have too much in it so you can manage everything well.  If you squeeze everything in you will feel cramped and yucky when you are looking in you closet for what to wear for the day.

There are more questions you can ask yourself but these are my favorite and most used.  I hope that this info. inspires you to tackle your closet and get it ready for spring!

Never miss a chance to be charming!


The 60's Smock Dress

This is my newest favorite pattern Simplicity 6386 from 1966!  The 1960's smock dress.  I am going to run it into the ground just like my shift dress pattern.  I love the many options that you can use for the trim and color blocking on this dress.  The sleeves are great too!  I am planning several dresses using this pattern that you will see very soon!

I just finished this new smock dress last night and wore it out to a church event.  I used a tiny corduroy from my local Joann Fabric's  that was super soft and cozy. I added contrast color yoke and pocket because the print needed to be toned down a little in my opinion.  I am hooked on this style now.  It is super loose and free with a cute classic look.  The peter pan collar makes it so fresh and fun.   I used to wear dresses like this in the 80's in high school and college.  Laura Ashley was one of my favorites.  This totally reminded me of one of her dresses with a 60's twist.  I opted for a shorter length to give a younger look and keep it from being a mumu.  I have nothing against mumus though. :)

    Etsy is a great source for vintage patterns and I have acquired quite a few recently.  I have had to stop acquiring until I sew some of them so that will be my project over the next month.   I will share my finds as I make them to challenge me to use the patterns that I have before purchasing more.  I am also going to use the fabric stash that I have because I am starting to remind myself of my mother who has enough fabric in her stash to open a fabric shop!



The Amazing 1960's style shift dress

Jackie O via luck mag
    It is an iconic style that is comfortable and versatile: The 1960's Shift dress.   I am singing it's praises from the rooftops.  I have been pinning and planning a wardrobe of shift dresses for the spring and late winter.  I need some dresses to wear while sewing in comfort and cuteness.  The shift dress fits the bill without being too fitted on me!

André Courrèges, 1968
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

 This vintage sewing pattern (Simplicity 8636) is an example of the different ways you can embellish a shift dress with trim.  I prefer making my dresses sleeveless and wearing them as a pinafore in the winter with a shirt underneath and leggings.  In the summer, I just throw on a cardi to keep warm in the air-conditioning. It is easier to make too!
There are so many different ways to change up a shift!

This is the Daisy shift dress in black denim that I embellished with white bias binding and a circle pocket trimmed in white bias.  I wore it with a t-neck and boots but it will look just a cute in the summer with sandals.  I blogged about the Daisy dress the other day.  It is a super shift dress pattern that I made using my regular Anne Dress bodice pattern and enlarged it at the bust and extended it to flare at the hip. It took several trys but now I have a working pattern that you will see many many dresses made in.
This was the inspiration for the black circle pocket dress!  Isn't it darling???

I am playing around with the dress front to come up with some valentine's day themed dresses.  I have some LOVE buttons that I want to use and I am playing puzzle to see where they should go.  

This is my next project!  I am appliqueing the LOVE to the bottom of the shift and adding a faux placket with my favorite rhinestone buttons.  The fabric is a tealish denim that I love to see with the red.  It is really different.  I will post on the finished dress when it is done.   

 Do you love the shift dress as much as me?  It really is a great dress for getting older too because as my waist gets larger, the dress will still fit me!  Yay!