Kate Spade founder to Launch a New Brand this month! Frances Valentine

image of Kate Spade via WWD

this is the showroom of Frances Valentine.  Cool Huh? Image via WWD
image via WWD  
                 She's back! And the best thing is, she hasn't changed much at all!  Kate Spade, THE Person, has started a new company with her buddies by the name of Frances Valentine   It launches this January online and can be seen in some amazing department stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales along with some smaller retail shops.   She is starting with accessories just like before, having fun with shoes and bags at first.  The price point is around $400 for shoes and from there to about $800 for bags.  They are made in Italy and Spain so the quality will be wonderful.  That is something that I miss from the past Kate Spade brand that was sold by the Spades in 2001.  They continued to help out until 2007 so the quality was good for a while.  I don't mind paying for quality if I know something is going to last and be enjoyed for a long time.  I have shoes from Kate Spade from 2004 that are still "ok" to wear out of the house!  They really need a re-sole but they are so comfy now that I just can't bring myself to do it.

Kate Spade says that she is still the same person that she was when designing in the 2000's so the style aesthetic is the same.  I am super excited to see the new designs! What a dream to start a business with your friends that you finance so you can do whatever you would like!

The Frances Valentine website says that they are coming January 2016 so sign up now to get the email when it launches!
You can sign up for the email list here:

I got all my scoop from WWD so you can enjoy lots of info and photos etc... if you check out their article.
Read the full Article here

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New Ready to Ship Skirts on SandeeRoyalty.com

                      New ready to ship skirts on sandeeroyalty.com in sizes xs-xl.
I decided to make some skirts in different sizes for girls who don't like to wait to get their charm on.  Now you can visit my main site sandeeroyalty.com and search by size to see what is available.  It will be changing all the time.  I won't be restocking a design so it is very limited edition.  The price is also lower because the skirts aren't custom made.  If you wear a 26 in waist up to a 37 in waist, there will be something just for you in stock for quick, free shipping.

If you are a smaller size or larger than those standard sizes (xs-xl) I still have some amazing create your own custom skirts available.  You can choose from chevron, stripe or solid and lots of different colors.  You can also choose your length and give your waist measurement for a perfect fit. You will have a little wait while your special skirt is being made but it will be worth it!

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Mod Maddie Shift Dresses for the Holidays!

        I just finished listing these Holiday Shift dresses on my etsy shop!  They are in Matte Duchess Satin and fully lined in shiny satin.  I thought they might be good for ladies looking for something comfortable for parties that still looked super cute.  The bow is detachable so you can pin it to the shoulder or even in the back for a different look.  It also looks great plain and simple without the bow.  I love huge bows so I wanted to make it an optional thing for those who might not.  I wanted to call it the Present Dress but I already had Mod Maddie shift dresses in my shop in the same pattern so I didn't want it to be confusing.  The Mod Maddie is named after my daughter Madeline Hartley.  The Hartley skirt is also named after her.  We used to call her Mad Maddie when she was in a bad mood so Mod Maddie just seemed to fit the namesake dress. The dresses are $95 each and come in the colors above.  If you want to mix an match the bows it is not a problem.  I had to pick a color so I just chose one for the photos.  I know that you may have your own vision... The sizing is xs-xl but I might be able to make a pattern for you if you need a different size.  I will sure try!

Have a super day!
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Mad for Plaid! Christmas Plaid skirts and dress at sandeeroyalty.com

      Did I ever say how much I love plaid?  Well, this fall I purchased yards and yards of Stewart Plaid for my shop sandeeroyalty.com  and made these three designs for the Holiday season.  They are super cozy plaid flannel for the cool days ahead.  The Hartley skirt and Jumper-dress are fully lined. The Mod Maddie Jumper/Dress is embellished with a heart pocket on the front!  It will be great with boots and tights this Holiday.  All three are machine washable.  I also have some plaid taffeta for ballgown skirts that I just haven't gotten around to adding to the shop.  I will post a photo soon.

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Kerastase conditioner and shampoo from the new Kérastase Résistance Thérapiste hair care line.

   In my new Influenster voxbox I received some amazingly cool conditioner and shampoo from the new Kérastase Résistance Thérapiste haircare lineto review on my blog.

This shampoo and conditioner combo works backward from the traditional method.  You condition your hair first using Soin Premier Thérapiste, which protects damaged hair from the harsh effects of shampoo, and follow the conditioner up with shampoo application using Bain Thérapiste.  I usually don't use conditioner because it weighs down my really thin hair but this worked really well.  I had quite the damage from blow drying and curling my hair daily.  I couldn't condition because I would lose the little volume that I had so dry, lifeless hair was my lot in life.  Now since using the Thérapiste line, my hair is healthier and fuller than before.  It isn't an inexpensive fix to purchase but I think that my hair is worth it.  Especially now that I have had another birthday and my hair is one year older!



Tastykakes from Influnster

I received these yummy treats in the mail from Influenster to review with my honest opinion.  They are called TastyKake Mini cupcakes.  The ones I got were Reese's Peanut Butter.  They were delicious!  The center of the tiny cupcake was filled with a peanut butter cream.  Each pack had 3 tiny cupcakes.  There were 24 in the box.  I was saving them to blog about but when I went to take photos, they were all gone.  My husband had been taking them without my knowledge in his lunch to work. He loves them!

I was having a sad day when the tastykake treats came in the mail because it was my daughter's birthday and she was away at college.  I was missing her lots and wished we were nearby to have a birthday cake and sing happy birthday to her.  So.... I got a cute kate spade plate and took out one of the little cupcakes and added a candle and had a mini celebration in the kitchen to lift my spirits!  It was really fun and the cupcake was so yummy.


You can find the Tastykake social media at these links:
 https://www.facebook.com/Tastykake   https://www.instagram.com/Tastykake


Sewing McCalls 7188

         I just tried a new pattern McCall's 7188 and really love it!  I wrote a review here.
I used Jennifer Paganelli's Jenny Eliza fabric from Jo Ann Fabrics and mixed and matched it with some pink sateen at the waist.  I also added covered buttons.

I highly recommend this pattern because of its simplicity and the way you can mix and match prints.  I changed the skirt out for a simple gathered skirt for a more 50's look because it went better with the fabric.  I plan on making another dress with the a line skirt to see what it looks like.  Maybe in the plaid!

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Yes, I really bought these shoes!

       I must be crazy or feeling old.  I purchased these Orla Kiely Beryl Heels a few days ago!  The heel is 4 3/4 inches high but they are platforms.  I found them on sale at Clarks.com and had to have them.  Isn't it funny how we dream about something and picture ourselves wearing it.  That is what I did with these shoes for months.  If you know my style, you might be confused as to why I would need a sky high pair of heels when I love wearing flats.  I just don't know what attracted me to these shoes but, I really, really love them.  When they arrive next week I will post a photo of me wearing them.  Who knows, they may be the beginning of a whole new me!


Poppy England

          Poppy England is a darling brand that makes unique dresses and other apparel that have themes and British style motifs.  Each dress comes with a matching story book about a little girl named Poppy and her dog Fred.  The fabric prints go with each story.

You can look here to see all about the brand
I just purchased the Budgie dress shown above because I just love parakeets!  I love the dress.  It is more loose fitting than my usual style but it will be a great wear-around-town dress.  There are several other things on my wish-list.
grey tutu
dotty blouse
I found some dresses on modcloth.com here in the US so you can get free shipping and free returns.
I really love how unique and special each of the designs are from Poppy England.  Visit the website and be sure to select USD at the top to see the prices in dollars instead of GBP.

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Tilly and the Buttons patterns

This is the newest style, the Arielle skirt.  I am working on this right now!

      I have been enjoying sewing patterns designed by Tilly Walnes from Tilly and the Buttons.  I thought I would share some of my recent makes with you. The most recent is the Miette skirt.  It is a 1970's style A-line wrap skirt that is super versatile.

tilly offers downloadable patterns that you print out at home!

This is my favorite version in red stretch Sateen from JoAnn fabric's.  I drew an anchor and appliqued it on the side of the skirt to give it a nautical look.

This vintage skirt from Etsy is my first inspiration for the Anchor applique.

This Fun skirt from Boden is where I got the idea for the tilted anchor.  I printed out the photo and enlarged it on the printer to get a guide for my anchor applique.

This one I added a pinafore top between the seams of the waistband making a wrap dress.

Pardon the bare feet.  I was just trying to get a photo of the dress on a real person...   It is super comfy and grows with you because of the wrap feature.  I have crossing straps in the back that are also sewn into the top seam of the waistband so there are no zips or buttons.  You could even make a button on bib if you wanted and wear the skirt both ways!

I am so thankful to Tilly for making such wonderful, easy to follow patterns!  I will post a pic of my Arielle skirt as soon as I finish it.  It has lots of buttons!!