Lemons and Flowers New Arrivals on sandeeroyalty.com

      Refresh your wardrobe with summer skirts!  There is nothing more charming for warm weather than a lovely, full, cotton skirt.  You can pair these skirts with a simple tank or tee for a day out or a wear them with a pretty flowy blouse for those summer weddings and parties.

      I had so much fun creating these designs for you!  I was thinking of what would be super fun and refreshing for summer and I thought of lemons and flowers!  I hope you like them.  Please visit my website at sandeeroyalty.com to check them out in more detail.



A little change: Pride and Prejudice Collection on sandeeroyalty.com

     I decided after watching the movie of Pride and Prejudice for the millionth time that I would like to make a little change in my designs for a bit and create a collection inspired by English gardens and Pride and Prejudice.

      I have always loved the pretty florals and damask fabrics from that time period and from some of my earlier favorite designers like Laura Ashley and Rachel Ashwell.  I took a break from the bright colors and polka dots to wander in the garden for a bit.  This collection is feminine and soothing to the soul with a current feel as well.  In the collection there are midi skirts and knee length skirts in both the gathered Anne style and the Pleated Hartley style.

Please visit my shop website at sandeeroyalty.com to check out these skirts!  If you don't see your size, please let me know and I will see if I have extra fabric and can make a custom skirt for you!   I have had so much fun creating this little collection!  I have bright colors and prints ready to go for the summer collection but meanwhile, enjoy this little trip to the English countryside.



Make mine Polka Dot!

Custom Polka Dot Skirt from sandeeroyalty.com


Outfit of the Day from Instagram
I just love polka dots!  I wanted to share this new skirt that I recently added to my online shop.This new polka dot skirt is a cotton Midi with pleats in the front and back with zipper on the side.  You can find it in my shop  for custom orders in any size from petite to plus.  I just need your waist measurement and I will make a skirt just for you. It is also ready to ship in several sizes so check your size to see if there is one left for 2 day shipping so you can have it right away.

Have a lovely day!


Great Article on the Kate Spade Success Story from Racked

via racked
      The Kate Spade brand has come a long way from the living room of Kate Brosnahan to where it is today as a billion dollar brand.  Chavie Lieber from Racked has written the most comprehensive article to date covering the brand from beginning to its present success.  I had the pleasure of being interviewed for the article and it was so fun to talk about my history with the kate spade ny brand.  I was happy to see my fellow kate spade-aholic Julia McCrank from Kate Spade Girl Blog quoted about her dress collection and love for kate spade.

Check out the article here!


Oh My! Frances Valentine is awesome!!

pippa wicker bag from frances valentine $325
 I just looked at the products on the new Frances Valentine website and was overwhelmed!  My favorite bag ever is available in several colors and the choices are amazing!  I have been looking for this style bag for years.  It is very much like one of my first Kate Spade bags from the early days.  I must have one for the summer.

The Edie wicker bag reminds me of a Quinn from Kate Spade!  The shape is timeless and the wicker is perfection.  I love the flowers on the front that give a 3-D effect.  I am so excited about this new brand by Kate (Spade) Valentine!

Let's just gaze at this Jelly Sandal!  This is perfection in a plastic shoe!  I am in awe!

Head over and check out Frances Valentine yourself!



Kate Valentine and Andy Spade Answer Decorating Questions on 1st Dibs

photo via 1st dibs and Jamie Beck

There is a wonderful article on 1st Dibs about the amazing style Icons Kate (Spade)Valentine and Andy Spade.  I thought you might want to check it out if you get as inspired by their style as I do.  They answer 15 questions about their style choices and even what their first antique was.  I won't give it away, but just know that they started out as "trash-pickers" in their early years. It is hard to believe how far they have come in their collecting but nice to know that good taste comes in all price points.

Check out the article here
Also there is a Kate and Andy curated collection from 1st Dibs here


Kate Spade has changed her last name to Valentine!

via business of fashion
            Totally committed to her new brand, Kate Spade has recently changed her last name to Valentine. This info is according to an article I read on the news site Business of Fashion!  How exciting!  As I wrote about recently, she and husband Andy Spade along with two friends have launched the brand Frances Valentine.  I was thinking how confusing it would be to carry the name of a large brand like kate spade new york.  People couldn't understand that she wasn't behind it anymore.  Her new venture will be small at first and friendly.  Kate Valentine is starting with designing shoes and bags gradually adding to the offerings.  It is so wonderful to see a group of friends in their early 50's or so doing something fun and new.

via sleepy jones

Andy Spade also has a fun Pajama company called Sleepy Jones that sells the greatest PJ's on the planet.  I recently purchased a striped tee from SJ and plan on wearing it day and night!  That is the great thing about pajamas, you can wear them as clothes during the day too!

I encourage you to check it out!  I am glad to see Andy Spade and Kate Valentine back on the scene!  We could really use some more of their great style around here!



Kate Spade founder to Launch a New Brand this month! Frances Valentine

image of Kate Spade via WWD

this is the showroom of Frances Valentine.  Cool Huh? Image via WWD
image via WWD  
                 She's back! And the best thing is, she hasn't changed much at all!  Kate Spade, THE Person, has started a new company with her buddies by the name of Frances Valentine   It launches this January online and can be seen in some amazing department stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales along with some smaller retail shops.   She is starting with accessories just like before, having fun with shoes and bags at first.  The price point is around $400 for shoes and from there to about $800 for bags.  They are made in Italy and Spain so the quality will be wonderful.  That is something that I miss from the past Kate Spade brand that was sold by the Spades in 2001.  They continued to help out until 2007 so the quality was good for a while.  I don't mind paying for quality if I know something is going to last and be enjoyed for a long time.  I have shoes from Kate Spade from 2004 that are still "ok" to wear out of the house!  They really need a re-sole but they are so comfy now that I just can't bring myself to do it.

Kate Spade says that she is still the same person that she was when designing in the 2000's so the style aesthetic is the same.  I am super excited to see the new designs! What a dream to start a business with your friends that you finance so you can do whatever you would like!

The Frances Valentine website says that they are coming January 2016 so sign up now to get the email when it launches!
You can sign up for the email list here:

I got all my scoop from WWD so you can enjoy lots of info and photos etc... if you check out their article.
Read the full Article here

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New Ready to Ship Skirts on SandeeRoyalty.com

                      New ready to ship skirts on sandeeroyalty.com in sizes xs-xl.
I decided to make some skirts in different sizes for girls who don't like to wait to get their charm on.  Now you can visit my main site sandeeroyalty.com and search by size to see what is available.  It will be changing all the time.  I won't be restocking a design so it is very limited edition.  The price is also lower because the skirts aren't custom made.  If you wear a 26 in waist up to a 37 in waist, there will be something just for you in stock for quick, free shipping.

If you are a smaller size or larger than those standard sizes (xs-xl) I still have some amazing create your own custom skirts available.  You can choose from chevron, stripe or solid and lots of different colors.  You can also choose your length and give your waist measurement for a perfect fit. You will have a little wait while your special skirt is being made but it will be worth it!

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Mod Maddie Shift Dresses for the Holidays!

        I just finished listing these Holiday Shift dresses on my etsy shop!  They are in Matte Duchess Satin and fully lined in shiny satin.  I thought they might be good for ladies looking for something comfortable for parties that still looked super cute.  The bow is detachable so you can pin it to the shoulder or even in the back for a different look.  It also looks great plain and simple without the bow.  I love huge bows so I wanted to make it an optional thing for those who might not.  I wanted to call it the Present Dress but I already had Mod Maddie shift dresses in my shop in the same pattern so I didn't want it to be confusing.  The Mod Maddie is named after my daughter Madeline Hartley.  The Hartley skirt is also named after her.  We used to call her Mad Maddie when she was in a bad mood so Mod Maddie just seemed to fit the namesake dress. The dresses are $95 each and come in the colors above.  If you want to mix an match the bows it is not a problem.  I had to pick a color so I just chose one for the photos.  I know that you may have your own vision... The sizing is xs-xl but I might be able to make a pattern for you if you need a different size.  I will sure try!

Have a super day!
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