When life gives you lemons...

1950's glass vintage lemon necklace from the shop It's Not About Need
lemon bracelet $42

There are lots of cute lemon themed products on katespade.com right now so I have done a search of Etsy.com for some other options.

lemon grove necklace from the shop Cute and Fun $22

And the DIYer can buy tons of glass lemons and leaves for $6.95 to make a zillion things
so very charmed etsy shop $6.95 for lemons and leaves
I am considering purchasing the lemon dress or skirt from kate spade but I am still not sure...



up close with my new apple wicker handbag from modcloth.com

This is my little wicker apple basket purse that I got from modcloth.com. Darling isn't it?

It has a sweet polka dot lining and lots of room inside for all my necessaries.

It is a great size and even came with a crossbody strap which I removed because I am a handbag kind of girl.  I am just soooo excited to carry this bag around this spring and summer.  You can find it here for $64.


Love the little car wicker handbag by kate spade

                                    vita riva wicker car handbag $398

    I just may have to save my $$ for this darling wicker car!  I love it!


I love the kate spade new arrivals!

         Finally, some darling clothes from ksny!  I am in love with these new arrivals on katespade.com.  I am crazy for the pink silk and the heart accessories.  That jacket is amazing! I would love to wear that with jeans and sparkly flats.   I am also going to look for a sewing pattern for that dress because the cut is so flattering.  It is really vintage inspired.  I have been sewing valentine outfits lately and stocking up on heart accessories.  

I got this necklace from modcloth.com 

And this purse from ebay!  It is actually from Fredrick's of hollywood but I found it on ebay for cheaper and I really didn't want to order from Fredrick's because then they would send me all their catalogs and emails. 
It was just too cute to pass up.  It is really big too!!

I made a few skirts

I am going to work on my house decor today, adding some pink accents and hearts around the place.  I don't want it to loo tack y so I am going to have to be pretty careful...

Have a super day!


I love my Galaxy Gear watch!

     For Christmas this year I got the "funnest" watch!  It is by Samsung and called the Galaxy Gear.  It works with my Galaxy phone through bluetooth.  You can call and answer the phone on the watch and also receive and send text messages.  All the alerts from my phone are sent to the watch so I can see the weather and even that I have an Etsy convo.  It controls the music player on my phone so I don't have to take it out of my purse or find it somewhere around the house.

I highly recommend this gadget to kate spade girls because of the watch face creator that lets you change the look of the watch in seconds.  You can use any graphic to make a clock with lots of hand choices or even digital numbers.  The app has hearts and polka dots built in but you can use any picture you have access to. I usually like to accessorize the watch rather than wearing it alone because it is great in a bracelet stack.  I got the rose gold version because it looked best with my jewelry but there are other band and metal colors to choose from.

If you have any questions about this amazing watch, just let me know!


Two new Kate Spade Quinn bags from the outlet

      I really lucked out yesterday when I visited the Kate spade outlet in Houston! I headed there for the darling vintage television Quinn.  It has a tinted screen just like a television screen and a real dial to change channels.  The price was amazing with the 30% discount I think it was around $105.  To find a Quinn for under $200 is very unusual so I was really happy.  

While I was shopping, they were unpacking a box of transfers from the retail shop and found the Wise Owl Quinn inside!  I already have the Maximilian Owl bag from a few years ago but it is TOTALLY different...
It has more brown instead of the black and shiny bits.  It also isn't a Quinn.  I try to only purchase a Quinn or very special bag.  The Wise Owl was both!!

I am so excited because I only got one other bag for Christmas and that was just a little shiny pink Quinn for my valentine's purse.
It is really fun!  I think I am going to have to add another shelf to my purse storage shelf.  I may try to sell some here on the blog to make room so stay tuned!

Have a colorful day!


Christmas is Over... on to the New Year!

     Since I last wrote, we have had a wedding!  My son Harrison married Kaitlin on Dec. 14th and it was a beautiful wedding!  I made the wedding dress and the bridesmaid's skirts so I was really busy before the wedding.  I wasn't able to take any photos so I have to wait on friends and family to give them to me.

Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Royalty!

Kaitlin before the wedding!  She was excited!

Madeline was so pretty!  She sang "A thousand years" from Twillight for the processional.  It was beautiful!

I made the ball skirts and the dress.  I was happy with the way they turned out! :)

The happy parents!

 I will post a nice wedding blog post when I get some more pics.  As for now, this is all I have. I was quite puffy from crying so the pictures of me aren't too great.  Even so, it was such a lovely day!

 Harrison and Kaitlin have settled into their apartment in College Station, Tx while Harrison finishes up at Texas A&M this spring.  He has a full scholarship to Baylor Law school in the fall so that is probably where they will end up for the next 3 years.  I would love to see them at the University of Houston Law Center so they will be nearby but free law school is just too good to pass up. It is so nice to have a new daughter and get a little bit closer to an empty nest!

Never miss a chance to be charming!


Very creative wedding wearing Chevron Bridesmaid skirts in RAINBOW colors!

     If you are bored with all of the cute navy and green preppy weddings in Sandee Royalty skirts, this one is for you!  This bride wanted a rainbow and she definitely achieved it!  The colorful bridesmaids in the chevron Katie skirt are wearing converse sneakers and carrying bouquets of butterflies.  I never pictured the skirts in this fun, colorful wedding style but I am glad that the bride had a vision and went for it.

Have a super and colorful day!


modcloth's Luxe-y in Love coat is Amazing!!

Modcloth.com Luxe-y in love coat $249.99
This coat is A-mazing!  I am at a saturation point on coats for a Houstonian but this one is really tempting me.  It is a wool blend so it isn't too heavy for our winters and I am really liking the fur touches.  Since moving from Michigan six years ago, I have had to adjust to not purchasing several new coats every year.  Last year I found a super 1960's tiger fur coat at a thrift store so that was my coat last year.  I just got a couple of "jackets" last week that were supposed to be coats but not that I have seen this one, they are going to be called jackets.  I think I should at least just order this and try it on just to prove to myself that it will make me look fat.  I really hope it does! lol.

Have a happy day!

kate spade two day sale!

Use the code HOLWD13 to get 25% off your entire purchase Nov. 15th and 16th!  You can visit the retail boutique too!

Live Colorfully!