#SewingFrancoise New Dress Pattern from Tilly and the Buttons!

    Yay! I just finished my new Francoise dress pattern from Tilly and the Buttons.  I have already started a second one because I love the pattern so much!  I used a black stretch sateen and modified the collar using a vintage 60's pattern that I have had in my stash.  For flair I added a red velvet heart pocket.

I didn't follow any of Tilly's directions and the dress still went together very smoothly; which is saying a lot because I was up until 2 a.m. sewing.  I ended up having to do surgery on the dress in the morning to get the perfect fit because I had to go to sleep before I could get the top portion small enough.  I made a size 4 but ended up on my second Francoise doing a 2 on top and 4 on the bottom.  The surgery that I had to do was to cut the entire dress down the middle and make it smaller just on the top.  It still looks great and I was able to get the right fit that I needed.  The second time I was able to get a perfect fit the first try because I knew that I needed to cut the top part of the pattern smaller.

 I almost finished Francoise number 2 and have the fabric ready for number 3.  I am trying one that is collarless with knit sleeves and a heavier fabric for my Christmas dress.  I am putting on some darling cat pockets for charm.

kitty cat pockets!!  Meow!

Olivia the poodle was taking a nap while the sewing was going on.  She loves when I sit in one place for  a long time so she can catch some ZZZZs.

I would already be finished with Francoise #2 but my Sandee Royalty shop on Etsy is super busy and I am sewing skirts for everyone to wear to their holiday parties.  I am going to be finished working on the 16th so then I will be able to concentrate on my own sewing projects. I am so excited!

Never miss a chance to be charming!


New Short Anne Skirts!

The Duchess Satin Anne skirt has landed on sandeeroyalty.com. It is available in 7 colors and in a color-block style in a combination of any of the colors.  It is made of Matte duchess satin which is amazingly machine washable!  It is a great skirt to dress up for special events or dress down for a day of shopping with the girls.  Each skirt is custom made to your own measurements.

Have a super duper day!


Sandee Royalty Ball Skirts- Order while there is still time for the Holidays!

The ball skirts are now in the shop and flying off the shelves!  It is amazing how many ladies are getting excited about wearing a ball skirt or midi skirt this holiday season.  I think that Pinterest may have something to do with the craze but I am riding the wave!  These skirts are $120 each and are made to your measurements.  They are fully lined and machine washable.  They can be hemmed to your preference as a long skirt or tea length or midi length.  I have one in every color of course and had to choose which lengths I would make my personal skirts because I can't wear a ball skirt every day.  I settled on a midi length for most but shortened a few to knee length.  I liked them so much that I added them to my shop also!

The shorter length is so cute with tights and boots too!  I have been wearing them all over town.  The fabric is a matte duchess satin that has just enough sheen to be dressy but can still be worn out to lunch or shopping.  I even styled one of the ball skirts with a denim vest!

Have a wonderful day!

Kate Spade for Gap Kids!

kate spade new york has launched a collaboration with GAP kids!  Check online and in stores before it sells out.  Several things in the collection would work for Mom too!  I put photos of a few of my favs above.  This is def. not a target collaboration where the designer has to scrimp on quality to make the designs cheaper.  This time they are just smaller but still the great quality that you usually find in KSNY.



Bookstore Date Collection Fall 2014 Sandee Royalty

 One of my new fall 2014 collections is called Bookstore Date!  It is inspired by the lovely dates my husband and I have had visiting bookstores and playing with books for hours.  I chose warm colors like teal, fuchsia, olive and golden yellow for the color pallet.  I fell in love with some plaid taffeta so there are several new taffeta skirts. There are a few themed pieces too like a skirt covered in library books and a skirt covered in the text from Pride and Prejudice. I added some color-blocked skirts in the cozy color pallet for some variety.  Here are a few pre-pictures.

visit sandeeroyalty.com to purchase

I have yet to do the photo shoot with all the designs but I did put a sneek peek on the shop to let customers see what is to come.  These are just a few of the new designs.  There is also a new line of solid ball skirts and color-blocked ball skirts.  I have another collection London Calling in red cream and navy blue that is also available.  I lost my photographer when my daughter went to college so the photo shoots are few and far between.  I have recruited my husband to take the pictures so we will see what they look like this time.  It could be good or....

Have a lovely day!


I wish the US flag was the Union Jack!

        Why oh why couldn't the US flag be the Union Jack?  Ok, I love the United States and the flag has special meaning for me but the Union Jack makes such a great skirt!   This is my new Union Jack skirt design just in time for the 4th of July when we celebrate the US independence from Britain.   It is red white and blue right?   While you may not want to wear it on the 4th, it is great for any other day.  I designed it specifically for my College age daughter who is in LOVE with Dr. Who and collects all things Union Jack.  I also made one for my friend when she had a housewarming for her new apartment that was decorated in British themes like Sherlock Holmes and red phone booths.  It makes a great hostess skirt. Because of the rave reviews the skirts received, I had to make one for my shop and of course for myself.  You can check it out at sandeeroyalty.com  .  

This is the rug that my daughter purchased from Overstock.com for her dorm room at college.  It feels really nice and is a great quality rug.  I was afraid that it would be printed on color or very thin but it is a real tufted rug in a high quality yarn.

from 4theloveofwood.blogspot.ca

This is my next project!  There is a tutorial here. I am checking out my local Goodwill for a dresser that will work but if all else fails, I am going to go to IKEA and get a plain wooden dresser.  I have no idea where to put it though....

Have a charming day!


When life gives you lemons...

1950's glass vintage lemon necklace from the shop It's Not About Need
lemon bracelet $42

There are lots of cute lemon themed products on katespade.com right now so I have done a search of Etsy.com for some other options.

lemon grove necklace from the shop Cute and Fun $22

And the DIYer can buy tons of glass lemons and leaves for $6.95 to make a zillion things
so very charmed etsy shop $6.95 for lemons and leaves
I am considering purchasing the lemon dress or skirt from kate spade but I am still not sure...



up close with my new apple wicker handbag from modcloth.com

This is my little wicker apple basket purse that I got from modcloth.com. Darling isn't it?

It has a sweet polka dot lining and lots of room inside for all my necessaries.

It is a great size and even came with a crossbody strap which I removed because I am a handbag kind of girl.  I am just soooo excited to carry this bag around this spring and summer.  You can find it here for $64.


Love the little car wicker handbag by kate spade

                                    vita riva wicker car handbag $398

    I just may have to save my $$ for this darling wicker car!  I love it!


I love the kate spade new arrivals!

         Finally, some darling clothes from ksny!  I am in love with these new arrivals on katespade.com.  I am crazy for the pink silk and the heart accessories.  That jacket is amazing! I would love to wear that with jeans and sparkly flats.   I am also going to look for a sewing pattern for that dress because the cut is so flattering.  It is really vintage inspired.  I have been sewing valentine outfits lately and stocking up on heart accessories.  

I got this necklace from modcloth.com 

And this purse from ebay!  It is actually from Fredrick's of hollywood but I found it on ebay for cheaper and I really didn't want to order from Fredrick's because then they would send me all their catalogs and emails. 
It was just too cute to pass up.  It is really big too!!

I made a few skirts

I am going to work on my house decor today, adding some pink accents and hearts around the place.  I don't want it to loo tack y so I am going to have to be pretty careful...

Have a super day!