Barnes and Noble Nook with Kate Spade Covers is on my Wish-list

In this video, Molly (wearing a cute KSNY outfit) has an interview with Deborah Lloyd from Kate Spade about the Nook covers available. I am sold.  I want one of these for my birthday in October.  Now I just have to choose a cover.  I also like the Jonathan Adler covers sold at B&N.  They look like a real book.

Jonathan Adler nook cover


Southern Lilly Lover said...

I loove the nook covers, but its hard for me to part with $125 for leather and $75 for canvas when my nok was only $199!!
But, I may break down and ask for one for Christmas!!!

Royaltygirl said...

I so agree! The jonathan adler cover is $29.95 so that makes a great first cover. Then, when I have another "reason" I will get a Kate Spade cover. The new Lilly covers are lovely too!

Southern Lilly Lover said...

My first cover was the one with an excerpt from Alice in Wonderland; only $25; that's my price range!!