My Kate Spade Inspired Closet

So many times we have lingered longer than necessary at the Kate Spade boutique just to soak in the atmosphere, and there have been articles galore on the store's decor and the inspiration we can apply to our home decorating.  My closet needed some sprucing up for fall so I worked on it this week using the inspiration I have gleaned and am posting pictures of the result. (Please be advised, I have one of those Texas sized closets but there are ideas you can apply to a smaller closet.)  I am working toward a "Kate Spade closet", completely full of years of collecting the brand.  Of course you have to start somewhere...

It all starts and ends with accessories!
Photos personalize the space and rings are displayed in a frame for easy selection

Black fabric over some quilt batting give pins something to attach to each holding a ring or two.

Shadow boxes display Kate Spade Jewelry
The shadowboxes open and the jewelry is pinned in place for easy removal

Frames backed with decorative paper or fabric with hooks for necklaces

More than one necklace can hang on a hook if you have a large collection

Shoes are on a shelf backed with cheerful polka dot wrapping paper 

Black and white stripe fabric covers the top shelf to keep things orderly

Style books available for quick inspiration!

Every closet needs a resident Kitty Cat!

Live Colorfully! Sort clothing by type: Skirts, Blouses, Pants and Sweaters

Does this post give you any ideas?  Do you have some to share?  Please let us know what you think...


Jessica said...

Wow! You've created such a euphoric space!

Southern Lilly Lover said...

So adorable! I found you on the kate spade fb fan page and I am glad I did! You have inspired me to revamp my closet!!!

Anonymous said...


goldenmeans said...

Your closet is incredible, I can't believe you really did this! How wonderful :)

About the Striped Esti -- I'm a little attached to it, but I'll be honest, it doesn't fit me at the moment! I keep telling myself I'll eventually come back to my former size, but that's been going on for a while now :) So I don't know. What size do you regularly take in Kate Spade?

Catharine said...

Wow this is incredible.. I don't even know what to say! Except for the fact that I totally want to completely redo MY closet! You are SO creative! :)