Special Clothing Line for Kate Spade Outlet Only

I heard a little "scoop" through the grapevine that KSNY is creating an apparel line specifically for outlet stores!  This special line is possibly going to debut in December 2010 or January 2011. As there is already a special line of handbags and other accessories created just for outlet sales, this is just the next step in making the Kate Spade lifestyle accessible to the everyday woman.  I tend to purchase many of my handbags at the outlet because it is more convenient to my house and my husband doesn't mind going there with me.  I also love the Quinn handbag and can usually find it in various colors made for outlet only. The outlet price and convenience assists me in my lifetime goal of collecting a rainbow of Quinns to pass on to my daughter someday.  The idea of a special line of apparel at the outlet is heavenly!  I don't think of is a inferior to the clothing in the Kate Spade Boutique Shops, it is just more affordable and more "everyday".  I really liked the cotton items from Deborah's first little collection for KSNY.  I have many of the cotton tops and enjoy wearing them with jeans around town.  I also have collected some silk tops but am less likely to wear them on a casual occasion.  I hope that the new outlet-only line has some cotton and some basics in less expensive fabrics for housewives like me who don't need so much silk in our wardrobes.  I am sure that whatever Deborah puts out there will be lovely!

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