Outfit of the Day- Sept. 16,2010

Today I am going to a tea party given by my daughter Maddy. She is only 13 but getting started early learning how to be a hostess with the mostess.
I am wearing:
Kate Spade Tutti-Frutti Esti skirt
Cream Sweater with chiffon roses
Kate Spade Les Fleurs flower necklace
Bracelets from my bracelet collection
Skinny belt in pewter
Pink Banana Republic Kitten Heels


la petite coquine said...

A tea party? How adorable! And I love that your daughter is already learning how to be an excellent hostess!

jca3244 said...

Love this skirt so much! It looks good with the belted cardigan.

I remember you saying you got this at the outlet- do the outlets have a good amount of clothing? Thinking about visiting one this weekend.

Royaltygirl said...

The outlet in Houston is either feast or famine. When they get a shipment from the KS retail store, they have about 15 different items in various sizes (usually the larger and smaller not much in between). This gets scooped up fairly quickly and then what is left over just sits there until there is a big sale. It is getting better and better with the expansion of the apparel line. There is more to choose from each season. I usually buy one or two things that were on my list from the past season. At one point, I was not buying anything retail because there was so much to choose from at the outlet for super prices...if you go,I hope you hit the jackpot!:)

jca3244 said...

Thanks so much for the info! I love your blog, in case you couldn't tell :) So happy to see some of my favorite KS pieces in real life!