Outfit of the Day- Sept. 17,2010

Today I am going to the mall with Maddy to pick up some more jewelry from Forever 21.  They have the best, cheapest jewelry anywhere on the planet!  That cute little owl necklace I am wearing today was $4.80 at Forever 21. The amber stones on the owl are the same color as my Kate Spade Lady Marmalade ring which was $149.  That is a good example of "high-low" style.  The owl was really low! I also love pairing Kate Spade and J Crew together.  They complement each other very well and create a whole new look when put together.

What I am wearing today:
Kate Spade Esti Skirt from spring 2009-Navy
Kate Spade Ruffle top from spring 2009- Navy
J Crew Jackie cardigan in burnished olive
Lady Marmalade ring
Lady Marmalade earrings
Owl Necklace- forever 21


la petite coquine said...

I found the most fabulous faux pearl cuff at Forever21 just this past week, and I love it! It pairs perfectly with classic pearl studs, and even though I'm a jewelry-phobe, I love wearing this big statement piece!

Royaltygirl said...

Forever 21 is great for cheap jewelry! If you don't wear it that much it is perfect. I have to watch out if I like something too much because it is easy to lose a stone or break a chain if I wear it repeatedly. It is funny that I wear my more expensive Kate Spade jewelry for every day but save Forever 21 pieces for special occasions!