Outfit of the Day- Sept. 21,2010

Today I am going to Bible Study and then out to lunch with my daughter Madeline, her friend Brittany and Brittany's mother.  It is Madeline's birthday tomorrow so we are celebrating today! I decided to wear pink in celebration of having a baby girl 14 years ago.  I added a cardigan in a royal blue to make things even more colorful. Now that I look at it in the photo, I don't like it too much but too late...
I am wearing:
Kate Spade Jory Dress Spring 2009
Royal Blue Cardigan
Van ELi wedges
Bracelets in black, orange and pink
Kate Spade Bow ring
Kate Spade Quinn in hot pink


Jennifer Scavone said...

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la petite coquine said...

I think it looks adorable.

Royaltygirl said...

Thanks La petite coquine! You are so sweet!