Outfit of the Day- Sept. 24,2010

kate spade new york Cape May Ronnie Dress
I live in Houston, Texas and we have absolutely NO fall!  I am trying to get the fall feeling using some of my summer clothes that are in fall colors. This Cape May Ronnie dress is part of the Summer collection for ksny but, because it is brown, I am attempting to make it early fall.  It is 90 degrees outside so this is as fall as I am going to get for a while. Today I ordered two featherweight cashmere sweaters from J crew to wear over my dresses and with my skirts in the cooler weather.  I hope they are not too hot for Texas!  What kind of weather are you having right now and how are you adapting your wardrobe to the season change????

what I am wearing:
kate spade new york Cape May Ronnie Dress- Summer 2010
Forever 21 Blue short sleeve Cardigan with roses
Forever 21 Olive green necklace
kate spade new york Lady Marmalade earrings in amber
Silver leather skinny belt
Harold's Leopard shoes (invisible in the pic...sorry)


jca3244 said...

Love that dress! Never gave it a 2nd glance but it looks amazing on you!

We were having some beautiful fall weather (50's and 60's) but recently we have been going through a heat wave (on the east coat btw)

la petite coquine said...

What a sweet dress! My sweetheart is from Fort Worth and he complains about our cool San Francisco weather all the time!

Royaltygirl said...

Yay,we have a cold front!!! I might even pull out the tights...
The problem is that I have a cold and may miss the cold front because I am home on the sofa in my jammies.