Outfit of the Day- Sept. 30,2010

Lace Gail Dress

Today I went to visit the Kate Spade outlet store to see if there was anything there I could get for my birthday.  I wore my lace Gail dress and I belted it to give it some shape and shorten it a bit.  It would have looked really good with colored tights but it was supposed to get to 90 degrees today.  So much for the recent cold front...
I forgot to add my hot pink quinn in the picture. That really makes the pink necklace pop! I always wear my Les Fleurs neckace with it because that is how ksny styled it in that first wonderful ad campaign for the new apparel collection fall of 2009. I took off the black flowers because it was too big for everyday wearing.  I put them back on for special occasions...
I wanted to be this girl!
I remember the first day I saw those pictures on kate spade.com and fell in love! It is funny I remember exactly where I was sitting when I saw them and I quickly called my daughter in to ohh and ahh over them.  Each season's collection has been great but, that one will always be special to me! 

So, I think I am going to get the little owl purse from the outlet for my birthday because I was going to get a gold quinn but I can get a quinn any-time!  The little Maximilian Owl was just begging me to take him home!  I have to decide tonight and then go back tomorrow and bring him home.  They have him in the back for safe-keeping.  There is a lovely sale that starts tomorrow also.  It will make the $298 price tag much lower and then I will be able to get something else too!  What do you think?  If I have to choose between a quinn and the owl, which one is the better purchase?
he is so cute, and would make a great birthday present!


la petite coquine said...

The owl is adorable, but I think the Quinn might be more useful long-term.

zyzzyva said...

Kate Spade's Fall 2009 clothing collection is what made me an over-night die-hard KS fan. :) I collected as many pieces from that season as I could. (Alas, the Beacon Hill Ruffle Gail dress in yellow still eludes me...)

Speaking of that particular photo, I have that pink Bon Vivant Mini Simone bag which I carry when wearing the Les Fleurs earrings in pink (I'm not much of a necklace person). They're so perfect together!

As for the owl bag, I vote in its favor. Though I tend to choose quirky over practical, so take that with the requisite grain of salt. I would consider the following:
Do you need a brown bag or do you already have one that you love/carry a lot?
Do you see yourself carrying the owl one more than once/twice?
How generous is the sale tomorrow? What'd be the cost per wear?

Like you said, you can get a Quinn anytime! ;)

Ann Aludra Boyd said...

i'd vote the Quinn, but the owl bag WOULD make a cute addition.
ok ok, get the Owl bag...and get the Quinn later! =)

anyway, i've tagged you in my Fun Friday post, lol, so do have a look and play along k! =)

Thanks, Sandee!