Friends and Family Sale this weekend 10/15-10/16 2010

If there is something you have been wanting really badly, now is the time to take advantage of the 25% off.  I can't decide what to get but, one thing I would like is the all typed up clyde handbag.  If I don't have the funds for that, at least I could get a thermos it is only $30!  I bought one for my sister-in-law last Christmas in the black and white dot but didn't get one for myself.  Now, I have another chance and love the multi-dot even more!  What are you going to get?  What would you buy if you could...? 


Ann Aludra Boyd said...

with the new policy abt not accepting int'l credit cards, i WISH i HAD friends and family in the States! lol!

i'd get the Camille or the 34th Street Treesh! *moan*


greenbean said...

i'm so jealous!...i gotta get this bag!...