Jenny Bowers is the New kate spade new york Calendar Artist

Jenny Bowers  is the new ksny calendar artist fot 2011!   She has a lovely whimsical style that adds some fun to life.  jenny's studio is in the UK but she has done work for US companies before.  Deborah Lloyd is also from the UK so that explains the London pop up shop that is coming Oct 13- Nov 10.  It also may have a tie-in to the new artist Jenny Bowers!  There is a great Q&A on katespade.com about Jenny, so I will just show you the products, so you can get inspired.
2011 Spiral Desktop Calendar $20 and Planner  Refills $28-$38
Get Organized Notepad $9

Get Organized Spiral Journal $12

Get Organized Sticky Pat Set $12

This is a video she did for a high school in the UK.  It is so cute! I can see why Deborah Lloyd likes her! Maybe she will do some animation for ksny...I hope so!!!

Teesside High School from Peepshow Collective on Vimeo.

Click here to see more of her work for other clients.

Do you like her style or is it too juvenile for you?  It is quite primitive but has a unique, cheerful quality. My daughter thought it might not be sophisticated enough for an office environment but it would be perfect for an elementary teacher.  The notepad and sticky notes would make great "teacher gifts" for Christmas! I prefer the simple polka-dots and stripes from the past ksny note pads, but I sure wouldn't turn down one of these if someone gave me one as a gift!  Leave a comment and let me know what you think about the new artist!


joelle van dyne said...

i have a major weakness for all paper products/stationery. these are all adorable.

Royaltygirl said...

joelle,I love stationary too, I buy office supplies like some people buy jewelry!!!!