I tried this skirt on at the ksny boutique at the Galleria last Friday and I really liked it!  I am not usually a grey person but this has a silver-ish sheen to it.  I have been waiting for a skirt that will work for me as I don't look good in pencil skirts.  I need something flirty and pleated with fullness around the hips.  This Haley Skirt totally fits that description! I have not purchased a skirt all summer because there was not a single pleated Esti Skirt in the whole summer collection.  Everything was fitted and straight through the hip.  I did get a couple dresses that were fuller but no skirts at all.  I hope this Haley skirt is one that will be repeated again and again like the Esti Skirt.  The last Esti was the Spring 2010 multi colored polka-dot Tutti-Frutti that I wear all the time.  I am considering this Mercury Haley Skirt as a fall 2010 addition to my skirt collection.  The only real problem with it is that it is 100% polyester.  I really have grown to like the look and feel of the silk skirts from the past collections and don't know if I want to buy polyester for the same price as silk.  The cut was great and the look was great, it is just the feel and the price that are holding me back.  What do you think about the polyester?  Would that make any difference to you?  I'm going to be thinking about it for a couple of weeks, until I have saved some $$, and then I will decide if I need it or not.  Friends, your input is appreciated!


zyzzyva said...

I know what you mean about polyester giving you pause. Usually I just pass when I see it listed as a material. However, there are exceptions, particularly based on type of garment. Since my aversion to polyester stems from the lack of breathability, I never buy polyester tops or dresses. Skirts, however, are often held away from direct skin contact by a tucked in blouse, a slip, and/or tights. So if the feel/hand of the fabric is tolerable (usually when it's heavier weight, like a brocade or jacquard), I'll forgive the dubious origins. ;)

I think the Mercury Haley skirt would be an adorable addition (especially on sale! ;), but only if you believe the feel of the fabric is something you can live with and love.

I love the Esti skirt, but have yet to get my mitts on one. I do have its cousin, the black Madeleine Bows Betsy skirt, which is delightful. While I like pencil skirts (and have quite a few), I too prefer full skirts. Too bad they're few and far between these days...

Royaltygirl said...

zyzzyva, Thanks for the input! I am going to wait for a sale and then decide about the skirt. Hopefully there is another full skirt in the future!