Outfit of the Day- Oct. 10,2010

Meet polka-dot girl! This was a feeble attempt to style this kate spade polka dot dress (fall 2009)... I'm trying to get another look from it.  And yes, I actually wore this to church!  I was in a mood for something fun so I picked the dots.  Church is always freezing so I had to wear a cardi, which I had hoped would tame the dots a bit.  No such luck.  They look dotty-er than ever in this picture! The ruffles are quite ruffley too.  I am going to try it again with the dress as a tunic, belted with jeans.  I'll post when I do it but it will be a while, you can't wear this dress very often, it is so "memorable" (that could be good or bad).


joelle van dyne said...

wow i love those polka dots! super cute. and i like the color of that cardigan so much. great outfit. ~joelle

Royaltygirl said...

joelle, you are so sweet! I think that cardi is jcrew.