Outfit of the Day- Oct. 5 ,2010

Today I am using my new gold Quinn!  Thank you to everyone who advised me to get the more practical handbag.  I love the owl and have carried it for 2 days but the Quinn is so much more flexible!  I was glad to be able to wear my pink tights today as the weather was cooler.  I have no idea the name of the black and cream stripe ksny skirt that I am wearing but, I know that Deborah Lloyd has one!  I think I might have mine shortened to the knee like Deborah's.  I think it might look a little "dumpy-frumpy" on me at the length it is now.  What do you think?  I think I wish I were her...  :)

My cardigan today is my attempt to copy this kate spade cardigan from fall 2009.  I sewed small sequin flowers on the front to mimic this look.  I also made one with pink velvet flowers.  It took a long time but really made the plain sweaters something special.

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