Presenting.... The Twirl Dress!

Twirl Dress $595

If you are in need of an over-the-top holiday dress, the Twirl Dress is for you!  You will be Queen Midas in this dress!  I love the way ksny styled it with the tiffany box blue heels.  It is like you are wearing a huge piece of jewelry!  This skirt just begs for a dance floor so you can "twirl" to your heart's content.

Live Colorfully,


mehz said...

I tried the Twirl dress on in the store. Gorgeous fabric, but unfortunately, the fit isn't universally flattering. I'm a 6 at Kate Spade. But in this dress...the zipper wouldn't go over my rib cage. The skirt part was *huge*. I think to pull of this dress, you need to be really tall with a narrow ribcage in comparison to the breast area....or be willing to size up and get it alter. Beautiful concept though!

Royaltygirl said...

mehz, thanks for the review of the twirl dress! I will have to get to the store to try it on too!