Black Friday FUN at kate spade Outlet!

Thanksgiving night my husband bravely took me and my daughter Maddy to the Houston Outlet Mall for some "early" black friday shopping.  We arrived at 11:30 pm and the parking lot was almost full.  The stores didn't open until 12.  We quickly walked to our primary destination, the kate spade outlet, where we had to wait in a line to get into the shop.  It was so exciting! When the smiling security guard finally let us in the door, the moment was thrilling!  The entire store was 50% off! The first thing I found was this super cute Winston Penguin bag and the matching coin purse! I quickly adopted Winston (for a small adoption fee) and brought him home!  Isn't he just so cute!  I found out later that he and my Maxwell Owl purse are friends! lol.  Well, I also picked up a pair of red tights for $3.99!  

Winston Penguin tote $179 retail

penguin coin purse $69 retail
Great deals were to be had that night!  We got 40% off at J Crew and Brooks Brothers too! By the time we left, around 2 am, the cars were parked down the road and in empty fields!  There were so many people, you could hardly walk around but, the atmosphere was exciting and the people were nice.  The ladies and gentlemen working at the ksny outlet were so sweet and patient.  They were ready for the night and expecting lots of people.  I brought them a plate of cookies for when they started to get tired and hungry.  It was a long night for them! Thank you to all the workers who served customers on black friday! You are appreciated!


Christine Hooyman said...


First, let me say that I love your blog and have been following it for quite some time :)

I am wondering if you have any suggestions for tracking down the Winston penguin coin purse. I am absolutely obsessed with penguins and unfortunately, the penguin line never made it to Chicago (we got the owls instead -- which I promptly purchased anyway). I was actually unaware of the tote/coin purse until yesterday, when I found the penguin tote at an outlet store, but alas, the matching coin purse was nowhere to be found.

I've looked all over eBay/online, but no luck. Any suggestions as to where I can find it???

Royaltygirl said...

I found it just listed on ebay today!

I hope you snag it! It is super cute!