Christmas Goodies from The Kate Spade Outlet!

I headed over to the ksny outlet in houston today and found a jackpot of apparel!  I got 2 Briella dresses in black and purple and a hot pink Diane jacket like my silver one.

Okay, two dresses may have been extreme but, I loved them and couldn't choose between the black and the purple!   I also love the Diane I bought last week so I picked it up in the pink for a totally different look.  Well, not totally different... but, a great look in a different color!  I love my ksny outlet!  They have tons and tons of clothes right now so if you are in need of some...give them a call and they will mail them to you!


Kristen said...

Awesome holiday snags! Do they have any bracelets there at the outlet?

Royaltygirl said...

Yes Kristen, Lots of bracelets!!!!

NezumiRyuko said...

If you don't mind saying, how much was the Briella dress at the Outlet?

It's still $197 (on sale) on the KS website, and you've said before that the Outlet prices are usually lower than the usual sales.



Jessica said...

How is the sizing on the Briella dresses? I'm thinking of ordering an XS online, but only if the shape is more A-line (I'm small on top but not as small in the hips). Thanks so much!

Royaltygirl said...

The briella sizing is tricky. The arms are very tight at the top and through the shoulders so I had to get a medium when I usually take a small. The rest is just a big loose dress so the fit in the arms and shoulders is the most important. I fit in the small fine If I didn't want to be really comfortable in the shoulders. I have a thing about that, It makes me feel claustrophobic if something is tight in the shoulders and arms. The hips are big anyway even If I wore the small. I didn't see much difference in the hip between the small and the medium. I am also moving the button on the sleeve so the arm is fitted above the elbow instead of loose bracelet length. Hope that helps!