Just ordered the Kate Spade Starlight Dinah Jacket!

Today I ordered the kate spade Starlight Dinah Jacket from katespade.com ! 

 I went to the Houston Galleria yesterday and purchased a super cute mug (the one with the girl sitting on the suitcases).  While I was there, I tried on this Starlight Dinah Jacket and was very amazed at it's cuteness and sparkle.  I didn't realize how shiny it was by looking online.  At the kate spade new york boutique I decided that I needed this jacket for my Christmas wardrobe!  I came home and just couldn't rest until I owned it so I ordered it first thing this morning with an additional 20% discount (this was a special offer through email)!  I have several casual holiday events in the future that would normally require the tacky "Christmas Sweater" with jeans or black pants.  I am going to wear this lovely jacket with back cigarette pants or even the Broome St. Jeans, possibly with a t-neck or long sleeved top underneath.  I have a silver sheath dress that I may wear with it for uber-dressy events.  I will have to see if it matches when it arrives later in the week.  Maybe I can even wear it with a skirt like this:

This jacket is one of those items of clothing that does not photograph as cute as it is in person but this last picture is darling!  You still don't get the shine factor that is so eye-catching.  It is going to be one of my year-round "go-to" pieces!  I will post some outfits when I get the jacket in the mail... Oh, I also ordered the  other mug with the library girl on it!  I couldn't help myself!
colorful dreams,

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