kate spade-aholic's Christmas wish-list

Last Christmas I went to the Houston Galleria Kate Spade Boutique with my daughter Madeline and we each bought a Christmas dress.  We had such a lovely day!  I wrote about it here on my royaltygirl blog  This year, I am going on a shopping spree at the Kate Spade Outlet beginning at 11 pm on Thanksgiving day.  I am hoping to get some extra gifts and maybe pick up something for myself at the same time.  I also have a Christmas wish-list from katespade.com which makes it easier for my wonderful hubby to order gifts without having to go the the Galleria store.
I thought I should share it with you to see if we have any of our wish-list picks in common!

Jewelbox Briella Dress $197 sale

Patchin Place Colin $62

La De Da Notepads $12

Queen Bee Necklace $97

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NezumiRyuko said...

I love the Jewelbox Briella dress! It's so tempting on sale. (Though I'd probably have to belt it to be an empire waist due to my bust...).

I have that Queen Bee necklace. It's super cute. :D I like to wear it very high, nearly a choker. I think it'd be cute with the Briella dress, too, peaking out amongst the ruffles.
The bee is so detailed, so well done. I also have the matching post earrings, but don't wear them together (at least not yet! ;).

I'm currently obsessing over the Dazzle Dinah Jacket and the new Be Dazzled Josie Dress (what a dazzling wishlist! ;). I am trying to be good, however, since I recently went a wee bit over budget on other items...