A kate spade Inspired Christmas- First Look at Kate Spade-aholic's "Live Colorfully" Christmas Decor

I have decided that this year I am having a kate spade new york Christmas!  Surprised?  Ok, I started decorating yesterday...I couldn't wait to upload some pictures for you to check out!  I am in no way finished, I'm just getting started decorating but, I am so excited about adding some color to my all white house.  Any comments and ideas by my fellow kate spade-aholics are appreciated!

This is the morning room, I decided to do the tree in here this year so I can sit and drink tea from my kate spade thermos and look at magazines while enjoying the colorful Christmas tree.  My kitty Oliver is enjoying the zebra ottoman! The tree is kept pretty simple with the huge colorful mylar snowflakes and some silver balls. I am looking for an urn to put it in to raise it up off the floor and make it look nicer.   I have a candy bar to the right that I haven't finished decorating and adding holiday candy.  I am trying to get my kids to eat all the Halloween candy really quick so I can fill up with peppermints and colorful treats!  I'll post a pic when I get that done.

The dining room is a little crazy!  I wanted it to look like there was a party going on all the time! I hung garland and some ribbon over the disco ball that stands in for a chandelier and filled a gorgeous white twig bowl with ornaments.  It looks much better in person, I promise!  I just wanted some fun impact as that is the first room as you walk in to the house.  I put some white lighted garland on the Ikea shelf with some mercury glass stuff and my Ford Galaxie 500 hubcap.  She was my first car and I loved her (Elizabeth Ashley)!  I am going to do something else here but I need to shop for just the right things.

These two pictures are of my breakfast room.  I put silver feather butterflies on the chandelier and then made a little table collection from some random decorations and pansys.  I have a big mirror in that room that I might put a wreath on if I can find a white one or even something multi-colored...

This is the living room.  It is still pretty white but there is a little color added so far. I haven't done anything to the mantle so I didn't post a picture yet.  I filled my glass vase with ornaments and kept the sticks that are usually there.  I need something else fun  and colorful for the table too but I don't know what.  I will have to shop...yay!  I was thinking of putting some kate spade jewelry on my poodle statues but it wouldn't fit around their necks.  I might have to just tie a bow.  Notice my knight?  His name is Knightly from the character John Knightly in Emma by Jane Austen.  I gave him a wreath to hold in white.  He is doing a good job don't you think?

Well, I guess that is all for now, I am going to have to put my decorating on hold until I can go shopping on Friday for some goodies to add to my kate spade Christmas decor.  If you see anything that I might use, post a comment or email me!  I still have ALL the other rooms to decorate!!!!

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