Outlet find: kate spade new york Emerald Isle Kimi Cardigan

I visited the ksny outlet in Houston the other day and picked up this beautiful orange/red cardigan.  It is so soft and cozy, yet perfect for Texas weather.  No wool here! This sweater is a lovely, year round 100% cotton.  The orange is very tomato red-ish so I am going to still be able to wear it with my ksny Clyde typewriter bag. I will be wearing it soon and will post an Outfit of the Day picture.

 If you haven't been to a kate spade outlet yet, it is totally worth the trip!  I am so lucky to have one near my house so I visit weekly!  The ladies that work there are so fun and really help me make some great purchases.  If you call them, they will ship things to your home for only 5$.

Click here for a list of Outlets and phone numbers.

Some people don't like the outlets but I have had nothing but good experiences from my local outlet.  There are bags there that are made just for the outlet but, they are really cute and I am not a "bag snob".  If it is cute, I want it!  My owl purse was "outlet only" and yet the cutest bag around (except my typewriter, but only because it is new).  There are super cute heart mittens and earmuffs with snowmen and penguins that are only available at the outlet.  It is worth it to go just for those but, the clothes are my favorite!  I have tried on something on sale at my Houston ksny boutique on Sunday, only to see it at the outlet by Friday for even less!  Jackpot!

happy shopping!


NezumiRyuko said...

That sweater is adorable. I love the ruffled cuffs. :)

I'm *so* jealous of your proximity to a Kate Spade Outlet! The closest one to me is 350 miles away. *despair*

I'm sure the people who work at the outlets are very nice, but I know they wouldn't appreciate me calling them up and having them describe everything they have in the store... I guess I just have to wait for people to post stuff on eBay.

What are the heart mittens like?


Royaltygirl said...

actually, the ladies at the outlet have sent me photos of the purses that were on sale. They also don't mind you asking if they have a particular item.

The heart mittens are red with a hot pink heart on the back of one of the mittens. They look the same as the taxi mittens. There are other mittens too, and a hat with antlers like the ski goggles hat. It is cute! Just give them a call but call when things are not busy, weekends are really bad. I bet they would love to help you!

kellie said...

Love that cardigan..how much was it at the outlet? Thank you!

Royaltygirl said...

I think I paid about $130 for the cardigan. There was a 40% off sale on the clothes. I should have gotten more...maybe I will go back tomorrow! :)

kellie said...

Thanks! Great price! I am thinking about calling and having one shipped to me. Thanks so much! :)