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There are lots of yummy gifts on katespade.com for under $55 this holiday season!  I have chosen a few of my favorites to share with you to make your gift giving easier.  It is always nice to have some sweet little gifts for your peeps and those family members who are extra special on your Christmas list.  When most people think of kate spade new york, they think that they will have to spend lots of money to find anything for the folks on their gift list.  This year there are some great inexpensive items that you can choose from and I just wanted to highlight a few of the best!

This all occasion note card set come in its own storage box.  It will make a great teacher gift or for a special coworker. The cards are divided according to occasion and are complete with brightly lined envelopes. The price point of $35 makes this a great choice!

These La Dee Da note pads are great to add to a gift basket or group them with the pen necklace for a great set.  They are nice to have around if you find you have forgotten someone that should have been on your gift list.  Surprise! The neighbor just brought over a Christmas gift...what do you do? Wrap these note pads up in colorful paper, tie them with a bow and give them with your holiday baking like cookies or candy.

 For your "real friends", this key fob is a wonderful gift!  The leather keys are featured in bright colors in such a whimsical way.  The keys are made of cowhide leather and the ring is 14kt gold plated.  This is definitely a  gift for the auto enthusiast on your list or your friend that just got the new car!

These earrings are a great combination of sparkle and pearls.  Their appeal is very broad because of the flower shape and the fact that they are 14kt. gold plated.  These earrings would be great for your mom or even your teenage daughter or niece.  They come in a lovely kate spade box that makes the presentation even better!

This necklace would make a super teacher's gift!  A teacher always needs her pen handy.  It would also be great for a high-school girl because of it's novelty and color.  Of course, It would also be a great gift for someone who worked in an office, or a store, or a library etc...  Combine this with any of kate spade new york's stationary and you have a gift with a wow factor!

 This Camelia Ave. vase would make a great hostess gift for those holiday parties you will be attending.  Add some flowers and you are ready to impress!  The vase comes in 3 colors but my fav. for Christmas is the green.  Pair this with some red roses or carnations and you have a lovely gift for your next party invite. At the low price point of $25 you could also use these vases at each place setting for a ladies lunch, giving them as a gift to each one when the lunch concludes.  They will serve as decor and gifts at the same time!

Twirl is all the rage right now and the rollerball is a great way to let a friend try out the new fragrance without having to buy a large bottle.   Girls of all ages enjoy Twirl so, think about giving it to the younger girls in the family.  They will appreciate the "grown-up" gift and the rollerball makes it easier for them to apply it.  Grandmother's also will love the rollerball because older hands have trouble with the atomizer spray.  Of course a college girl will enjoy the size of the Twirl rollerball because it fits nicely in a purse or backpack.

I think that these precious bows speak for themselves!  Total cuteness!  Great Price!

 The vintage style case on the Twirl Lipstick makes it a great gift.  The color is the perfect red and it is very long-wearing.  It can be paired with one of the other gifts such as a make-up case or the Twirl rollerball to increase its impact or just give it with some chocolate...yum!

I just love this thermos and it is one of my favorite gift choices!  Last year I gave the black with white dots thermos and was excited to see this variation this year.  I gave the thermos in gift baskets of coffee and treats.  It raised the value of the gifts and made the basket look tons cuter.  This year I am going to give Starbucks coffee and a polka dot thermos in one of the inexpensive tins from the Target dollar section.  The thermos fits great in the car cup holder and also works well for cold beverages.  Over all, you can't go wrong with giving one of these!

This little cosmetic pouch is made of embossed vinyl with cute polka dots all over.  It has a 14 kt. gold kate spade new york tag on the front and a woven gold lining.  This would make a great gift for a girl-friend that you exchange gifts with or for your mother-in-law.  You can combine this gift with another of the gift picks or just toss in some varieties of nail polish from the local drug store.  This is the perfect purse cosmetic pouch, the kind that you always need and never buy for yourself.  Hint, hint, hint!

I hope that this little gift list helped you in your search for the perfect gifts for the special people in your life.  All of these deals can be found at katespade.com The holidays are a great time to show your friends how much you care and what they mean to you.  be sure put a little meaningful note in your gifts to express your feelings to your friends and family.  Even a co-worker would enjoy hearing how they have impacted your life in a positive way in the workplace.  Kind, encouraging words are true gifts to those who receive them.  

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I gave my sister the pen necklace for her birthday and she loved it! It's very Joan Holloway from mad men!