Waited until the last minute and I couldn't stand it, I had to order from kate spade sale!

10:30 pm and the sale is over at 12 pm.  I just couldn't let the opportunity go by!  I ordered the Picnic Tweed Sandie jacket.  It was only $96.75 down from $375! Even after all my recent purchases, I couldn't help myself.  I had to order.  What is it about kate spade that is so addicting?  Is it the great marketing, lovely products or just the idea of a colorful, happy life?  I can't stay away from it!  I do tend to be an obsessive person anyway but, I have never gone this crazy over a brand before.  It is so much fun!


the kate spade addict said...

oh yes! i was eyeing this, but they only had it in size 4 and above! =(

Royaltygirl said...

The smaller sizes sell out so fast. I hope the jacket fits, I won't be able to return it if it doesn't! ksny usually runs true to size. I hope this one is just right! I want to wear it with my jeans. It kind of looks jackie O-ish. I may get the skirt later, they have it at my ksny outlet so I can try it on. A suit would be so nice!

the kate spade addict said...

i'm in love with the Addie jacket!


NezumiRyuko said...

Aw, the jacket's so cute! And it's nearly a namesake piece for you. I totally vote for getting the matching skirt to make it a suit. :D

I love the Addie too, but preferred the plaid tweed w/ pink trim version:

Tutti Frutti Addie Jacket

*sigh* Oh adorable jacket, why didn't you ever go on super sale?

the kate spade addict said...

oh yes! the Tuttu Frutti one is pretty! =)