kate spade inspired Christmas decor *Update*

I did some updating on my kate spade inspired Christmas decor and thought I would post some more photos.  You have prob. seen some of these shots before but I added some little things that make it look better. Just thought I would share with those that care.  You do don't you? 

here is the mantle that you have already seen in my outfit posts

meet my penguin named Oliver

Oliver is guarding the gifts for me!

Isn't he so cute!

this is my candy bar which I have to refill tomorrow!  The candy and cookies go so fast!

breakfast room decor

dining room shelf

dining room disco ball paper chain

living room in the dark...so cozy!

living room with Fifi the poodle on the sofa pillow blending in. This was with a flash because it was dark outside so the colors are not very good.  It looks much better then this I promise! lol. 

stairway at night

entry hall with Mr. Knightly       
Send me photos of you Christmas Decor!  My email address is right here!
Merry Christmas!

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