the kate spade Jillian Dress is BACK for spring 2011!

This spring season the Jillian is in Navy Polka-dot! This is one of my favorite styles from ksny.  It is so cute here in the navy dot, and  I love the way they styled it with the red shoes.  This just appeared on katespade.com, so maybe some more spring things will trickle in soon!  I am saving some $$ from Christmas so I will  be able to get some of the new spring 2011 things right away.  They are perfect for Texas weather because most things can be worn year round.  If ladies here can wear shorts and flip-flops with a tank top to Target, I can wear a polka-dot dress! I looked around last week at the people walking into Target and my daughter and I were the only ones dressed for "fall".  Everyone else was still wearing their summer clothes.  It might be that the temp was 85 degrees... My husband wears shorts on Christmas Day and I wear a cashmere sweater.  If I don't wear it when it is 70 degrees out, I may not get a chance!  That is why I love the spring collection so much.  I buy it all year.  I get some pieces when it comes out and then shop the sales in the fall.  My outlet has some spring things from last year too!  They still have a tutti-frutti skirt for anyone who still wants it!

I wear mine all year.  I just make it darker by pairing it with a black cardigan or bringing out the hot pink instead of the lighter one.  In the left picture, I have had the skirt shortened and am wearing it with red tights. Today I am spending the day in sweats all day and loving it!

Sunday, I am going to wear my purple briella dress to church and I am debating the color of my tights. Hot pink, monochromatic purple, or teal, green, turquoise or black.  The kate spade gal doesn't have any on so I don't have a hint about what color would work.  What advice do you have for me?  I can wear either my black heels or flats with whatever color tights I choose.

have a happy day!


NezumiRyuko said...

Does the Tutti Frutti skirt fit the same in the waist as the light blue & purple Esti skirt?
Ever spot the shirtdress version...? I'm still pining for it, but the skirt may satisfy me...

As for the tights, I think turquoise would be quite striking. Opaque black was used with it in one of the KS outfit shots and is always a safe bet (but perhaps overall a bit dark for day...). Otherwise, purple in a pattern or texture would also be nice. :)


Royaltygirl said...

Thanks for your input on the tights! I am excited to wear the Briella! i hope I don't look like a purple grape!
As to the fit of the tutti-frutti, it is larger than the blue and purple skirt. that skirt was from the non-vanity sized era of ksny. This one is at least a size bigger so, an 8 in the earlier one is a 6 in the new one. The outlet that you call may be able to measure the waistband for you. If i call an outlet during a less busy time, I get all kinds of service! My houston outlet has at least 3 tutti-frutti skirts but i don't know the sizes. My next purchase from there is going to be the jewel box paulina cardigan. It is a couple $$ cheaper on the website but the don't have a small. I just love the color combinations on the jewels and the color of the sweater in general. Maybe I will get it today...better get groceries and toilet paper first!

NezumiRyuko said...

Thanks for the fit info on the skirt, it's a big help! :D

Before running off to call the outlets, I should probably examine my grocery list first, as well! Who needs food/etc. when there's Kate Spade to buy? hee!

k said...

Have it. Love it. Plan to wear it this week!!