kate spade outfit of the day - Hot Pink Alden Shift silk top

Tulleries Alden Shift

This is the ad that I saw that reminded me that I had that blouse in my closet.  It is one of my favorite earlier clothing ads.
Notice the pink and the green tops hanging on Deborah Lloyd's clothesline at her weekend home. (via Lonny Mag)

This morning I didn't know what to wear but was inspired by an older kate spade new york ad.  I forgot that I had the blouse from the ad but in a different color.  I decided to wear it and come up with an outfit that worked.  I am not sure if I will wear it again but I enjoyed it today!  This particular top, the Tulleries Alden Shift is from the earlier spring collection, before it was available in stores other than ksny boutiques.  It is beautiful silk and lined in silk with silk covered buttons down the back.  I actually thought of wearing it the other way around with the V in the front for something different sometime.  It is good to stretch your imagination and try to incorporate older kate spade items into your daily wardrobe.  The quality and style is so lovely, you don't have to be afraid about it being "last year's" design.  It is timeless!

live colorfully!


Gretchie Love said...

You look so adorable in that outfit !

Royaltygirl said...

Thanks Gretchie Love! You are so sweet!

Gael said...

A nice top and the color looks good on you. I love the neckline.

homemade grits said...

how cute are you in all of your kate spade?! fancy!