New kate spade Resort items added to katespade.com

This morning I was looking around on katespade.com and noticed that there were some resort items available right now.  I have been looking forward to the release of spring and resort collections and was surprised to see them before Christmas.  I am glad to see them so early!  Now I can start on my spring purchases with my Christmas $$! Below are my favorite picks from what is available right now.  Visit katespade.com to see more.  Bloomingdales.com also has several items, many are different than the katespade.com things.  Check it out!

Dungaree Quinn- I am a Quinn collector so this one is a must for me!  Love that piper lining.

have to have the piper bangle to match the lining of the Quinn!!!!

and the piper stud earrings too! How precious are these little birdies!

Add in some stripes and I have a vacation wordrobe!  The t-shirt, jacket and dress are all on my wish-list for early spring.  In Texas, these will work all year long!  I live near the Gulf of Mexico so stripes are a fun nautical look.
Have a happy Saturday kate spade-aholics!


micheharris said...

Thanks for alerting me to the new arrivals! You caught them before the 'Just In' did (or my browser was having caching issues...

Anyhoo...I'm interested in:
* Piper Striped Skirt
* Piper Solid Skirt
* Yellow and white tee
* The red shoes shown in the pic for the piper striped tank
* The bow tank
* Mod necklace (perhaps in red)

Luckily, I will have the patience to wait for a sale. :)

Mehz, from http://todays-outfit.tumblr.com

micheharris said...

Ohhh...and the mod squad skirt! Love it!!! So modern!

Royaltygirl said...

Mehz, You have a great list! If I could wear straight skirts, I would get the piper skirts or mod squad but I am limited to full or A-line.
I didn't see that the mod necklace was in red too! I think I will add that to my list!
can't wait for that multi-stripe dress that deborah lloyd wears in the youtube video to hit the stores! I really want that one!