Girls with Glasses Pack Kate Spade on YouTube

Brooke White and Summer Bellessa, of the Girls With Glasses Show, demonstrate how to pack for a trip using clothing and accessories from Kate Spade New York.  This is just sooo cute!  Check out their other youtube videos too.  These girls would be so fun to hang out with especially shopping!


Barnes and Noble Nook with Kate Spade Covers is on my Wish-list

In this video, Molly (wearing a cute KSNY outfit) has an interview with Deborah Lloyd from Kate Spade about the Nook covers available. I am sold.  I want one of these for my birthday in October.  Now I just have to choose a cover.  I also like the Jonathan Adler covers sold at B&N.  They look like a real book.

Jonathan Adler nook cover


My Kate Spade Inspired Closet

So many times we have lingered longer than necessary at the Kate Spade boutique just to soak in the atmosphere, and there have been articles galore on the store's decor and the inspiration we can apply to our home decorating.  My closet needed some sprucing up for fall so I worked on it this week using the inspiration I have gleaned and am posting pictures of the result. (Please be advised, I have one of those Texas sized closets but there are ideas you can apply to a smaller closet.)  I am working toward a "Kate Spade closet", completely full of years of collecting the brand.  Of course you have to start somewhere...

It all starts and ends with accessories!
Photos personalize the space and rings are displayed in a frame for easy selection

Black fabric over some quilt batting give pins something to attach to each holding a ring or two.

Shadow boxes display Kate Spade Jewelry
The shadowboxes open and the jewelry is pinned in place for easy removal

Frames backed with decorative paper or fabric with hooks for necklaces

More than one necklace can hang on a hook if you have a large collection

Shoes are on a shelf backed with cheerful polka dot wrapping paper 

Black and white stripe fabric covers the top shelf to keep things orderly

Style books available for quick inspiration!

Every closet needs a resident Kitty Cat!

Live Colorfully! Sort clothing by type: Skirts, Blouses, Pants and Sweaters

Does this post give you any ideas?  Do you have some to share?  Please let us know what you think...


Kate Spade introduces Twirl Lipstick


This is what Katespade.com says about the new lipstick:

in celebration of our new fragrance, we've designed a capsule collection featuring essential pieces for the perfect party. always in search of the perfect red lipstick, we decided to develop it ourselves. this stunning shade is the result of much heated debate, wear testing and asking around the office. the result? a kiss-worthy red we can't wait to get our hands on.


Pictures of the upcoming Kate Spade Apparel Fall 2010

Get ready and save your money because the upcoming fall 2010/holiday collection is going to be better than ever! I found some "secret" photos of the collection and thought I would share them with you. Just when you think KSNY has the best line ever, it just gets better and better.  Green silk,leopard fur,purple and mustard yellow tweed and gray houndstooth all delight the fashionista in me.  I can't wait to get my hands on some of these pieces and move them into my closet.  I need to make room by getting rid of some non-kate items and let Kate Spade take over once and for all.  I will post a pic of my Kate Spade inspired closet soon.  But for now, enjoy the inspiration!



Tim Gunn 's Wardrobe tips at Kate Spade in Dallas

Last year, Tim Gunn from Liz Claiborne shared some tips for updating your wardrobe using just a few Kate Spade accessories to make a big change in your look. I watch this video over and over just to inspire me to use accessories to the fullest extent. 


My Newest Kate Spade Acquisition- The Cape May Ronnie Dress

                   cape may ronnie dress at kate spade 
"channeling the sunny cape may shore, our ronnie dress is boardwalk approved and bistro ready. crafted from easy, breezy and completely effortless linen, with contrasting floral-inspired trim at the neck and hemline. dressmaker details include bust and back waist darts, and a slightly higher waist for a universally flattering fit"

Kate Spade Sneek Peeks on Facebook

This georgeous shoe was introduced on facebook today!  Kate Spade is celebrating the launch of the new fragrance twirl with a capsule of special products that they are making available in a pre-launch to facebook fans. If you are not a fan of Kate Spade on FB, join today to get in on this special treat!
From Kate Spade NY- a sneak peek from our twirl capsule collection: the sequined karolina heels, available early, exclusively for our facebook fans on monday, august 23rd.


LonnyMag - Deborah Lloyd's Weekend Home Tour Video

I just watched the sweetest video from Lonny Magazine of a tour of the weekend lake home of Kate Spade Queen, Deborah Lloyd.

She has the most lovely home and precious dog! You will enjoy the video, so click on the link above to view it at Lonny Magazine. There is also a wonderful article on Deborah's home in the June/July issue.


Back to School with Kate Spade

As Back to School Season is upon us, I began thinking about what items from the Kate Spade collection inspire me to get back into the school swing.  Having been a teacher in my "previous life",  the back to school season is one of my favorite times of year.  "Bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils" and  black and white composition books get my heart to fluttering.  Kate Spade tends to cater to the office girl but there are plenty of items for the teacher too!  Even if you are a student or stay at home mom, KSNY has lots of items that will work with your more casual lifestyle.  You can even find a great outfit to wear to Parent/Teacher Conferences  that will really impress and show off your style to the max!  

The first item every teacher/student needs is a good super cute tote bag. This is the foundation of the back to school wardrobe and also the foundation of the Kate Spade brand.  These are a few of my favorites:





The next item essential for back to school is a great flat for the long walks down the halls and playground duty.  A really cute shoe can take and outfit from drab to fab in a second!  I found several that I would like to own this fall but since usually I just buy one new pair, I stick with something that will go with almost everything.  There are lots of marvelous choices from KS and here are a few classics:







The next fall essential is a cardigan sweater.  One of our favorite TV school teachers, Emma Pillsbury from Glee, knows the value of a good cardi.  The cardigan is so important because it goes on top of whatever you are wearing and can take jeans and a t-shirt to another level.  If you have a sleeveless dress from the summer and need to cover-up in your air-conditioned class, a cardigan is a must-have for transitioning into fall. Kate Spade has given us several choices and colors this season.  I must interject here that I also love my J Crew Jackie cardigans and could not live without them. But, the colorways tend to be less vibrant than KSNY so you definitely need some of both!









I you may notice that I included several items in "school bus yellow" to get you in the mood for going back to school.  The best thing yet is also in a cheery yellow and will be great if you have to have car line or bus duty on a rainy fall day.  It is the Classic Sketchpad Ivy Raincoat!


Now you will be prepared for that first day of class!  I wish I were going with you.  I homeschool my kids so I have my first day of school in pajamas!


Kate Spade Bed and Bath is on the Way!

Kate Spade New York has been working on and new project, creating the Kate Spade New York Home Collection. The KSNY home collection will include sheets, duvets, shams, bedding accessories, bath accessories, bath towels and rugs. The line will be available at higher-end department stores and specialty home shops and is expected to launch by fall of this year.

“The collection will include details that are synonymous with the brand, including fresh color, charming prints, classic fabrics, and signature trims,” said Joan Karron, executive vp, CHF Industries.  CHF Industries holds the license to Kate Spade New York adding to a roster of CHF licenses, including Donna Karan Home Collection, DKNY, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, Umbra and Loft Style.
Deborah Lloyd, co-president and creative director for Kate spade new york said the new collection “will embody the spirit of our brand – wit, whimsy and a dash of color.”

Deborah Lloyd Introduces New Kate Spade Youtube Channel

Deborah Lloyd, creative director from Kate Spade NY, made a special video to welcome viewers to the new Kate Spade youtube channel.  You can subscribe to receive notification of new videos as they are posted. This is a great way to get a behind the scenes and insider view of Kate Spade NY!  Also, isn't her rainbow striped dress adorable! Cheers.



Meghan Smith- Here Comes Your Man

I thought you would enjoy this super cute video by Canadian artist Meaghan Smith. It has a very "Kate Spade" feel to it.  The polka dot dress, vintage bike and basket all speak to the fun, carefree, loveliness I like to surround myself with daily.  Meaghan is one of my favorite musical artists right now.  I hope you love her too! When you click on it, it will go to youtube so you can watch it.  It is totally worth it!
**now there is a commercial before it too, it is still worth the wait**

Kate Spade-aholic's Holiday 2010 Special Picks

Be Dazzled Marielly Dress $495

Kate Spade Get Ready Janine Top $225

Kate Spade Nylon Flower Skipper $155

These are my first picks from the Holiday 2010 collection.  I love the black dress with the fringy skirt!  It is very much like the beautiful green dress from last holiday season with the frayed hem layers.  I am still wishing I had purchased that dress last year.  At the time I was polka-dot crazy and just had to have the Madeleine polka-dot dress instead! This black dress may just be the best dress ever.  That super cute Janine Top with the lovely rose at the neckline is very versatile and a real show-stopper.  The Nylon Flower Skipper is my favorite dressy bag for nights out on the town with my husband or even a fun lunch with friends.  The fabric makes it dress down but the flower and gold chain take it to evening easily.  The price is great at $155 too!  I can't wait for the holiday collection to hit the stores and katespade.com .  I always have Christmas money to spend so the holidays are my favorite Kate Spade season!

Special Clothing Line for Kate Spade Outlet Only

I heard a little "scoop" through the grapevine that KSNY is creating an apparel line specifically for outlet stores!  This special line is possibly going to debut in December 2010 or January 2011. As there is already a special line of handbags and other accessories created just for outlet sales, this is just the next step in making the Kate Spade lifestyle accessible to the everyday woman.  I tend to purchase many of my handbags at the outlet because it is more convenient to my house and my husband doesn't mind going there with me.  I also love the Quinn handbag and can usually find it in various colors made for outlet only. The outlet price and convenience assists me in my lifetime goal of collecting a rainbow of Quinns to pass on to my daughter someday.  The idea of a special line of apparel at the outlet is heavenly!  I don't think of is a inferior to the clothing in the Kate Spade Boutique Shops, it is just more affordable and more "everyday".  I really liked the cotton items from Deborah's first little collection for KSNY.  I have many of the cotton tops and enjoy wearing them with jeans around town.  I also have collected some silk tops but am less likely to wear them on a casual occasion.  I hope that the new outlet-only line has some cotton and some basics in less expensive fabrics for housewives like me who don't need so much silk in our wardrobes.  I am sure that whatever Deborah puts out there will be lovely!

The All Typed-up Clyde $495

This is from the Kate Spade Holiday Collection coming Christmas 2010! This is truly Kate Spade whimsy at it's best.    I need it.  I need it real bad.

Warning- Kate Spade Counterfeit Apparel on eBay!!!

What a sad day is was when I received my Kate Spade polka dot Jillian dress in the mail!  It was COUNTERFEIT!  Can you believe it?  I couldn’t.  It is awful that someone is copying Kate Spade dresses and selling them as authentic on eBay.  

To the untrained eye, the dress was not obviously a fake but with my “super Kate Spade vision”  I could tell that there was something fishy going on.  The finishes were not the usual French seams and fine stitching with silk thread.  The cut of the Jillian dress is more of a boat neckline with a scoop in the back where the counterfeit dress was slightly scooped in the front and not as scooped in the back.  The fabric was also thinner silk with a much lighter hand than the Kate Spade polka dot fabric on my other polka dot dress from the fall.  Then to make things worse, being alerted to the fact that there might be counterfeits on eBay, I looked carefully at my Kate Spade sunshades dress from eBay and discovered that it too was a fake!!!! AHHHHH! Double disappointment!  The colors of the sunglasses were different slightly from the original and the weight of the fabric was lighter.  The neckline was also cut higher and the ruffle was shorter.  I have worn this dress happily for a month not knowing that this dress was not the real thing.  Now I wonder if I should remove the “offender” from my closet.  It is still as cute as ever but knowing that it is a COUNTERFEIT dress does make me feel somewhat gloomy.  The good news is that I contacted the fraud department at Kate Spade and they are investigating the issue and I was able to return the polka dot dress for a full refund!  I went right over to my Houston Kate Spade outlet and took the money from the dress and purchased the Tutti-frutti  esti skirt with the polka dots in pinks, reds  and oranges.  I wore it to church this morning proudly knowing that it was authentic and not a fake!  It is also the cutest skirt and looks super with my hot pink Quinn handbag.
I am going to be much more cautious when ordering from eBay in the future.  One of the problems with the sellers of counterfeit clothing is that they use the Kate Spade photos to advertise the clothing so you think you are getting what is pictured.  They may show the other item but it looks very much like the original, especially in photos.  The price is usually low and there are several for sale in different sizes.   If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!  Lesson learned the hard way!!!

Have you ever purchased a counterfeit item from eBay? Please tell your story so we can learn from it!