Cape May Ronnie dress- two looks, which is better?

After the last outfit post, I looked back and saw how I wore this same dress last month.  I like today's outfit styling better what do you think?

September 2010

October 2010

Same dress-different temperature outside. Two different looks for the kate spade Cape May Ronnie dress. I think I look thinner in the October look...Lesson #1, keep the cardi buttoned in the middle!

Outfit of the Day- Oct. 29, 2010

My daughter Madeline and I went shopping today and I wore my Cape May Ronnie Dress with ksny turquoise tights and a green cardi belted with a thin gold belt.  I wore brown patent t-straps and my owl necklace layered with a long green crystal necklace and amber ksny lady marmalade earrings.  I was carrying my gold quinn. Madeline was wearing her new dress from XXI  with olive green boots and carrying a kate spade Owl purse. She was so cute, I had to take her picture too!


Presenting.... The Twirl Dress!

Twirl Dress $595

If you are in need of an over-the-top holiday dress, the Twirl Dress is for you!  You will be Queen Midas in this dress!  I love the way ksny styled it with the tiffany box blue heels.  It is like you are wearing a huge piece of jewelry!  This skirt just begs for a dance floor so you can "twirl" to your heart's content.

Live Colorfully,


kate spade All Typed Up Clyde (typewiter purse) In real life!!!

There are no words to express how happy I am! My Sweetheart sent the loveliest note too.  The bag is beyond my expectations!  The clyde's leather has a super high quality yet durable feel; better than any bag I have in my collection.  The red is very rich not super bright and the white is a beautiful warm cream leather.  The lining has sayings on it in all black with a little shine.  We had to use the flash to get it to show up in the photos. (Thank you Madeline for taking the pics!)  I look awful in the photo, tired from a day shopping, but excited to come home to my special treat.  The only down side is that I have to wait for my darling to return to the States so he can present it to me on our special date. At least I get to look at it and walk around the house with it!

On my shopping trip I picked up this bow ring from holiday 2009 at the ksny outlet.  They have earrings and hair pins also, I may get those next week...

 I also got these Coach flats.  I wanted ksny but I wear a 6 and the outlet didn't have many in my size right now.  I guess I should not put them on a blog bout kate spade but I figured my readers could appreciate how cute they are...

Kate Spade-aholic's Spring 2011 Special Picks

Oh spring I love you!  The ksny spring 2011 lookbook is online and I have chosen my picks.  These are the things that I will be dreaming of and attempting to purchase for the up-coming season.  I am all about the clothes!  There are a few bags and shoes that I want this time and all are so reasonably priced that my dreams may just come true!  Do we have any of the same picks?  I am a color lover and yellow is my favorite second only to pink.  The yellow jacket is a must for me! I was running out the door to the kate spade outlet when my buddie Ann from katespadeloveaffair.com gave me the heads-up that the lookbook was updated.  I had checked yesterday with no luck but now, Oh Joy of joys!  I will list the names and prices later in an updated version of this post. I did use the extra large pictures so if you click on the photo you can enlarge to a really big version to check things out closer. I really want you all to post your favorites on your blogs and then leave me a link on the comments section so we can all see what everyone else loves too!  That is so much fun... almost like shopping together!


Youtube- Kate Spade pop up shop!

I just want to know what that is around Deborah Lloyd's neck?  Is it one necklace or several?  Looks creative.  I so wish I were there!  I am so deprived.


Considering these kate spade holiday cards from Crane....

These are my current choices for holiday cards and gift tags from ksny.  I just love the ornament and the stripe envelope lining.  The bow gift tag is lovely and will take my gift packaging to another level!  I am waiting to order from Crane.com until I am sure that there are not going to be any other new stationary products this holiday season.  I don't want to miss out if there is something else that is released right after I order...Have you ever used kate spade stationary?  What are your choices for holiday cards?


kate spade new york SHORT STORIES COLLECTION

If you are a reader or just like pretty books, check out the new kate spade new york collection of short stories.  There is lots of info about them here on the ksny website.  You can find out about the authors, read excerpts and learn about the famous Strand Bookstore in NY.   For me, I just really love the beautiful covers!  JK, I am really a reader and will order these right away! This is so much fun!  I love all the new things happening with the kate spade brand.


My Darling Hubs Bought me the All Typed Up Clyde as a Reward!

My Sweetheart is out of the country on business for a few weeks and surprised me by buying the All Typed Up Clyde as a treat for missing him.  It is also an encouragement for me to lose 6 pounds by the time he gets back from his trip. How is that? Well, I needed to lose but didn't have any motivation...this super cute bag is certainly motivation enough!  I decided that I can only get the bag when I meet my weight goal that I set for myself (6 pounds).  When Mark gets back home he is going to take me out to our favorite restaurant and give it to me!  Of course, it is coming in the mail this week and no one is here to stop me, so I will carry it around the house and take a few pictures for you.  Then I will have to put it away until later.  I am really going to diet and exercise really hard to lose the weight and meet my goals.  I'll keep you posted on my progress!


Friends and Family Sale this weekend 10/15-10/16 2010

If there is something you have been wanting really badly, now is the time to take advantage of the 25% off.  I can't decide what to get but, one thing I would like is the all typed up clyde handbag.  If I don't have the funds for that, at least I could get a thermos it is only $30!  I bought one for my sister-in-law last Christmas in the black and white dot but didn't get one for myself.  Now, I have another chance and love the multi-dot even more!  What are you going to get?  What would you buy if you could...? 

More pop-up shop pictures

colorful stairway at ksny UK shop- via neverstop
Neverstop is the creative company that put together the kate spade new york pop up shop in london and they have posted tons of photos on their facebook album.  click here to go directly to the loveliness they have created !

katespade-aholic.com is now online!!!

I followed what katespadeloveaffair.com did and got my own domain!  katespade-aholic.com!!!  Now you can go directly to the blog without the .blogspot at the end.  I feel much better, like I am fully dressed now. I am going to do the same with my other blog royaltygirl.wordpress.com but someone else already has the domain royaltygirl.com. I will have to think of something else now....


Another Sneek Peek- kate spade new york bedding

These photos were released on shelterpop along with this article .  This fabric on the floral comforter is the same as the inside of my bike basket! It is so lovely! 

 I can't wait for more!  If you look at the pop up shop in the UK there is a bedroom with some of the bedding and a super cute dream in color pillow.
this is from libertygirl's photos  of the shop
I really need a bedroom update, I hope this collection hits the stores soon! They are expecting a February release date. Hopefully we get to see some more peeks before then!!!!

Pictures from facebook of the ksny pop up shop in London

So, what do you think of the first looks at the little pop up shop in the UK?  Interesting huh?  I hope to see more of this shop which is in an apartment.  It is an interesting study in home decor so far...

libertylondongirl has more photos as she has actually been there! click through to her post to see more!

here is another post about the shop with another photo. and another by katespadeloveaffair

Outfit of the Day- Oct. 11,2010

 This is my new kate spade Jasmine jumpsuit!  I was just running out to Panera for lunch.  This jumpsuit feels like pajamas!  I love it.  It is the softest silk yet, very thick and sturdy.  I am going to attempt to style it with tights and a blazer or jean jacket next time if the weather is cooler.  It was warm outside and I was going to be laying around the house for the rest of the day so I went bare legged.  I wore a chunky turquoise necklace to get away from the pj's look and it really helped.  I am in love with this jumpsuit!  I guess the comfort is what makes so crazy for it but, it looks nice too.  The gold buttons are an added touch that dresses it up quite a bit and keep it from looking like you just rolled out of bed (you can just feel that way).


Outfit of the Day- Oct. 10,2010

Meet polka-dot girl! This was a feeble attempt to style this kate spade polka dot dress (fall 2009)... I'm trying to get another look from it.  And yes, I actually wore this to church!  I was in a mood for something fun so I picked the dots.  Church is always freezing so I had to wear a cardi, which I had hoped would tame the dots a bit.  No such luck.  They look dotty-er than ever in this picture! The ruffles are quite ruffley too.  I am going to try it again with the dress as a tunic, belted with jeans.  I'll post when I do it but it will be a while, you can't wear this dress very often, it is so "memorable" (that could be good or bad).


Deborah Lloyd interviewed on The Daily 10

Deborah says that Animal Prints and Emerald Green are the top trends you will see in the fall collection!

No Shortage of LBD's at kate spade new york This Fall!

If you are in the market for a "little black dress"(LBD) kate spade has you covered!  I was amazed at the variety of black dresses that were being offered right now on katespade.com.  There is a dress for everyone (if you have $355-$575 to spend on said dress)!  I thought I would make it easy for you and post them all so you could see them side-by-side all in one place.  I don't think I will be buying one of these because I have still yet to wear my black dress that I posted about here .  If I were, I would take home the Briella because it is different than anything I have, and it is great for my "fat days".  I tried it on at the ks store last Friday and really liked it.  I will start with that one and then go from there with all the pictures of the dresses.  Remember to comment and tell us your favorite one and why you like it!