Waited until the last minute and I couldn't stand it, I had to order from kate spade sale!

10:30 pm and the sale is over at 12 pm.  I just couldn't let the opportunity go by!  I ordered the Picnic Tweed Sandie jacket.  It was only $96.75 down from $375! Even after all my recent purchases, I couldn't help myself.  I had to order.  What is it about kate spade that is so addicting?  Is it the great marketing, lovely products or just the idea of a colorful, happy life?  I can't stay away from it!  I do tend to be an obsessive person anyway but, I have never gone this crazy over a brand before.  It is so much fun!


Cyber Monday blues on Sunday!

my little black and white penguin has the blues....
I was hoping to finish my wish list off during the cyber monday sale at katespade.com but alas....Everything I wanted sold out by Sunday after church!  That is what i get for being a good "church-going" girl!  The bee necklace, the make-up bag and the bow earrings are all GONE!  I guess I will hit Ebay to see if there is anything there to replace them with.  I still have a couple of things that are full price on my wish list but I am hoping that my kidos get me those things for Christmas.  What if I just save my $$$ for the new spring collection?  I don't think it is possible, not with all the super deals at my ksny outlet just down the street!  There is a dress on Ebay and some ks plates and some earrings and a stripe rosette tank and .....


Black Friday FUN at kate spade Outlet!

Thanksgiving night my husband bravely took me and my daughter Maddy to the Houston Outlet Mall for some "early" black friday shopping.  We arrived at 11:30 pm and the parking lot was almost full.  The stores didn't open until 12.  We quickly walked to our primary destination, the kate spade outlet, where we had to wait in a line to get into the shop.  It was so exciting! When the smiling security guard finally let us in the door, the moment was thrilling!  The entire store was 50% off! The first thing I found was this super cute Winston Penguin bag and the matching coin purse! I quickly adopted Winston (for a small adoption fee) and brought him home!  Isn't he just so cute!  I found out later that he and my Maxwell Owl purse are friends! lol.  Well, I also picked up a pair of red tights for $3.99!  

Winston Penguin tote $179 retail

penguin coin purse $69 retail
Great deals were to be had that night!  We got 40% off at J Crew and Brooks Brothers too! By the time we left, around 2 am, the cars were parked down the road and in empty fields!  There were so many people, you could hardly walk around but, the atmosphere was exciting and the people were nice.  The ladies and gentlemen working at the ksny outlet were so sweet and patient.  They were ready for the night and expecting lots of people.  I brought them a plate of cookies for when they started to get tired and hungry.  It was a long night for them! Thank you to all the workers who served customers on black friday! You are appreciated!


Christmas Goodies from The Kate Spade Outlet!

I headed over to the ksny outlet in houston today and found a jackpot of apparel!  I got 2 Briella dresses in black and purple and a hot pink Diane jacket like my silver one.

Okay, two dresses may have been extreme but, I loved them and couldn't choose between the black and the purple!   I also love the Diane I bought last week so I picked it up in the pink for a totally different look.  Well, not totally different... but, a great look in a different color!  I love my ksny outlet!  They have tons and tons of clothes right now so if you are in need of some...give them a call and they will mail them to you!



kate spade-aholic's Christmas wish-list

Last Christmas I went to the Houston Galleria Kate Spade Boutique with my daughter Madeline and we each bought a Christmas dress.  We had such a lovely day!  I wrote about it here on my royaltygirl blog  This year, I am going on a shopping spree at the Kate Spade Outlet beginning at 11 pm on Thanksgiving day.  I am hoping to get some extra gifts and maybe pick up something for myself at the same time.  I also have a Christmas wish-list from katespade.com which makes it easier for my wonderful hubby to order gifts without having to go the the Galleria store.
I thought I should share it with you to see if we have any of our wish-list picks in common!

Jewelbox Briella Dress $197 sale

Patchin Place Colin $62

La De Da Notepads $12

Queen Bee Necklace $97


kate spade outfit of the day Nov 14, 2010- All Typed up Clyde

I am totally in a black and red outfit pattern since getting my Clyde Typewriter bag.  Today I wore a Calvin Klein Jumper with a stripe t-neck and red tights with my lace up Rockport Boots.  I added the kate spade poppy necklace and my DIY letter bracelet that says "I <3 Mark".  I enjoyed carrying the All Typed Up Clyde and getting all the compliments and stares that usually come with a unique, whimsical  kate spade ny handbag.  Men love it!  I was stopped more by men than ladies!  The children at church had fun typing their names on the purse and practicing their letters.  Thank you Mark for this special treat! I am so glad I am your wife.

A kate spade Inspired Christmas- First Look at Kate Spade-aholic's "Live Colorfully" Christmas Decor

I have decided that this year I am having a kate spade new york Christmas!  Surprised?  Ok, I started decorating yesterday...I couldn't wait to upload some pictures for you to check out!  I am in no way finished, I'm just getting started decorating but, I am so excited about adding some color to my all white house.  Any comments and ideas by my fellow kate spade-aholics are appreciated!

This is the morning room, I decided to do the tree in here this year so I can sit and drink tea from my kate spade thermos and look at magazines while enjoying the colorful Christmas tree.  My kitty Oliver is enjoying the zebra ottoman! The tree is kept pretty simple with the huge colorful mylar snowflakes and some silver balls. I am looking for an urn to put it in to raise it up off the floor and make it look nicer.   I have a candy bar to the right that I haven't finished decorating and adding holiday candy.  I am trying to get my kids to eat all the Halloween candy really quick so I can fill up with peppermints and colorful treats!  I'll post a pic when I get that done.

The dining room is a little crazy!  I wanted it to look like there was a party going on all the time! I hung garland and some ribbon over the disco ball that stands in for a chandelier and filled a gorgeous white twig bowl with ornaments.  It looks much better in person, I promise!  I just wanted some fun impact as that is the first room as you walk in to the house.  I put some white lighted garland on the Ikea shelf with some mercury glass stuff and my Ford Galaxie 500 hubcap.  She was my first car and I loved her (Elizabeth Ashley)!  I am going to do something else here but I need to shop for just the right things.

These two pictures are of my breakfast room.  I put silver feather butterflies on the chandelier and then made a little table collection from some random decorations and pansys.  I have a big mirror in that room that I might put a wreath on if I can find a white one or even something multi-colored...

This is the living room.  It is still pretty white but there is a little color added so far. I haven't done anything to the mantle so I didn't post a picture yet.  I filled my glass vase with ornaments and kept the sticks that are usually there.  I need something else fun  and colorful for the table too but I don't know what.  I will have to shop...yay!  I was thinking of putting some kate spade jewelry on my poodle statues but it wouldn't fit around their necks.  I might have to just tie a bow.  Notice my knight?  His name is Knightly from the character John Knightly in Emma by Jane Austen.  I gave him a wreath to hold in white.  He is doing a good job don't you think?

Well, I guess that is all for now, I am going to have to put my decorating on hold until I can go shopping on Friday for some goodies to add to my kate spade Christmas decor.  If you see anything that I might use, post a comment or email me!  I still have ALL the other rooms to decorate!!!!

More @katespadeny plates and mugs for Christmas gifts!

I found out that Macys.com has more choices for kate spade plates and mugs!  Thanks to http://houseofbella.blogspot.com/ I have some pics for you! These will be added to my wish-list asap!

Kate Spade Serveware, Illustrated Garden Variety Mug $20
A breath of fresh air, this Illustrated mug from Kate Spade combines gold-banded porcelain with a whimsical watercolor motif. 

Kate Spade Serveware, Set of 4 Illustrated Just Desserts Tidbit Plates $50

Make dessert a masterpiece. Inspired by the Kate Spade New York Paper Collection, Illustrated tidbit plates combine gold-banded porcelain with a playfully sweet watercolor motif.
There is also a cake plate that matches the tid-bit plates!  Just go to Macys.com and search for kate spade and you will find the new products!  They are so nice.


*SUNDAY WINDOW SHOPPING* Kate Spade (Nov. '10)

I wanted to let you know about this post on the holiday decor at the Manhattan kate spade new york.

The window displays are lovely!- Bertie from You've Got Mail

Mizhattan - Sensible living with style: *SUNDAY WINDOW SHOPPING* Kate Spade (Nov. '10): "You may have noticed this weekend that fashion retailers all over Manhattan have official kicked off their holiday displays. Over the next m..."

check it out and enjoy,


under $55 gift picks from katespade.com

kate spade-aholic's under $55
There are lots of yummy gifts on katespade.com for under $55 this holiday season!  I have chosen a few of my favorites to share with you to make your gift giving easier.  It is always nice to have some sweet little gifts for your peeps and those family members who are extra special on your Christmas list.  When most people think of kate spade new york, they think that they will have to spend lots of money to find anything for the folks on their gift list.  This year there are some great inexpensive items that you can choose from and I just wanted to highlight a few of the best!

This all occasion note card set come in its own storage box.  It will make a great teacher gift or for a special coworker. The cards are divided according to occasion and are complete with brightly lined envelopes. The price point of $35 makes this a great choice!

These La Dee Da note pads are great to add to a gift basket or group them with the pen necklace for a great set.  They are nice to have around if you find you have forgotten someone that should have been on your gift list.  Surprise! The neighbor just brought over a Christmas gift...what do you do? Wrap these note pads up in colorful paper, tie them with a bow and give them with your holiday baking like cookies or candy.

 For your "real friends", this key fob is a wonderful gift!  The leather keys are featured in bright colors in such a whimsical way.  The keys are made of cowhide leather and the ring is 14kt gold plated.  This is definitely a  gift for the auto enthusiast on your list or your friend that just got the new car!

These earrings are a great combination of sparkle and pearls.  Their appeal is very broad because of the flower shape and the fact that they are 14kt. gold plated.  These earrings would be great for your mom or even your teenage daughter or niece.  They come in a lovely kate spade box that makes the presentation even better!

This necklace would make a super teacher's gift!  A teacher always needs her pen handy.  It would also be great for a high-school girl because of it's novelty and color.  Of course, It would also be a great gift for someone who worked in an office, or a store, or a library etc...  Combine this with any of kate spade new york's stationary and you have a gift with a wow factor!

 This Camelia Ave. vase would make a great hostess gift for those holiday parties you will be attending.  Add some flowers and you are ready to impress!  The vase comes in 3 colors but my fav. for Christmas is the green.  Pair this with some red roses or carnations and you have a lovely gift for your next party invite. At the low price point of $25 you could also use these vases at each place setting for a ladies lunch, giving them as a gift to each one when the lunch concludes.  They will serve as decor and gifts at the same time!

Twirl is all the rage right now and the rollerball is a great way to let a friend try out the new fragrance without having to buy a large bottle.   Girls of all ages enjoy Twirl so, think about giving it to the younger girls in the family.  They will appreciate the "grown-up" gift and the rollerball makes it easier for them to apply it.  Grandmother's also will love the rollerball because older hands have trouble with the atomizer spray.  Of course a college girl will enjoy the size of the Twirl rollerball because it fits nicely in a purse or backpack.

I think that these precious bows speak for themselves!  Total cuteness!  Great Price!

 The vintage style case on the Twirl Lipstick makes it a great gift.  The color is the perfect red and it is very long-wearing.  It can be paired with one of the other gifts such as a make-up case or the Twirl rollerball to increase its impact or just give it with some chocolate...yum!

I just love this thermos and it is one of my favorite gift choices!  Last year I gave the black with white dots thermos and was excited to see this variation this year.  I gave the thermos in gift baskets of coffee and treats.  It raised the value of the gifts and made the basket look tons cuter.  This year I am going to give Starbucks coffee and a polka dot thermos in one of the inexpensive tins from the Target dollar section.  The thermos fits great in the car cup holder and also works well for cold beverages.  Over all, you can't go wrong with giving one of these!

This little cosmetic pouch is made of embossed vinyl with cute polka dots all over.  It has a 14 kt. gold kate spade new york tag on the front and a woven gold lining.  This would make a great gift for a girl-friend that you exchange gifts with or for your mother-in-law.  You can combine this gift with another of the gift picks or just toss in some varieties of nail polish from the local drug store.  This is the perfect purse cosmetic pouch, the kind that you always need and never buy for yourself.  Hint, hint, hint!

I hope that this little gift list helped you in your search for the perfect gifts for the special people in your life.  All of these deals can be found at katespade.com The holidays are a great time to show your friends how much you care and what they mean to you.  be sure put a little meaningful note in your gifts to express your feelings to your friends and family.  Even a co-worker would enjoy hearing how they have impacted your life in a positive way in the workplace.  Kind, encouraging words are true gifts to those who receive them.  

give colorfully,

Selling an extra kate spade Starlight Dinah Jacket on ebay for $150 sz. Med.

Well, I made a mistake and ordered the wrong size jacket from katespade.com !  I reordered my size and then realized that it was final sale so I am stuck with two jackets!  I am selling the medium on ebay here .  I am selling it for less than it is listed for on the kate spade website because I used a 20% off coupon when I ordered.  I will ship it to you for free because I will be so happy to not have two jackets!  Please check out the listing and see if you might like to buy this lovely Starlight Dinah jacket.  It is listed currently on katespade.com here .  It looks a lot more shiny in person than the kate spade picture.  My pictures are much more glitzy!  Had I not seen it in person at the kate spade boutique in houston, I wouldn't have thought twice about it.  I love it enough to buy it twice, that is saying something!

smile and shine!

Outlet find: kate spade new york Emerald Isle Kimi Cardigan

I visited the ksny outlet in Houston the other day and picked up this beautiful orange/red cardigan.  It is so soft and cozy, yet perfect for Texas weather.  No wool here! This sweater is a lovely, year round 100% cotton.  The orange is very tomato red-ish so I am going to still be able to wear it with my ksny Clyde typewriter bag. I will be wearing it soon and will post an Outfit of the Day picture.

 If you haven't been to a kate spade outlet yet, it is totally worth the trip!  I am so lucky to have one near my house so I visit weekly!  The ladies that work there are so fun and really help me make some great purchases.  If you call them, they will ship things to your home for only 5$.

Click here for a list of Outlets and phone numbers.

Some people don't like the outlets but I have had nothing but good experiences from my local outlet.  There are bags there that are made just for the outlet but, they are really cute and I am not a "bag snob".  If it is cute, I want it!  My owl purse was "outlet only" and yet the cutest bag around (except my typewriter, but only because it is new).  There are super cute heart mittens and earmuffs with snowmen and penguins that are only available at the outlet.  It is worth it to go just for those but, the clothes are my favorite!  I have tried on something on sale at my Houston ksny boutique on Sunday, only to see it at the outlet by Friday for even less!  Jackpot!

happy shopping!


Things we Love: Inspirations and fascinations from kate spade new york

kate spade new york has written a new book based on the Things We Love section on the katespade.com website.  It is an inspirational book that shares some of the brand's favorite things in a lovely visual treat.  There are 3D things like fortune cookie fortune papers and gaffers tape just like the tape used in the installations by Rebecca Ward in some of the ksny boutiques.  This will make a great gift book for your kate spade loving friends or a treat for yourself.  I really love the idea of a brand producing literature and print products.  It is really taking ksny to a true "lifestyle brand" level.

love the Bella Foster artwork!

a shiny gold Cha Cha

A shiny gold courage for the women for women program!

Real tape! Cool!

I need one of these typewriters to match my purse!

looks like a real cocktail napkin...great printing job!

Deborah's favorite page

The sticky notes look like they are really there...love the shadowing

a real fortune! and my favorite car!

the shoes that will go down in history...

this is the ksny lipstick, a perfect red.
I hope you get a chance to pick up one of these books when they are released.  I don't have an exact date yet but will keep you updated...

My source for this post is this article by Felt & Wire:
Things we Love: Inspirations and fascinations from kate spade new york   visit this article for lots of info and an interview with Deborah Lloyd the creative director at ksny.
Have a sunshine day!