Do you follow @katespadeny on twitter? You should!

Of all the company "tweets" out there, I have found @katespadeny to be the most unique and fun of the whole bunch!  I love to see what their "tweeter" is up to and what fun quotes, activities or product updates they are posting all through the day.  So many companies have a social media presence but kate spade does more than that.  They have created a "friend" from kate spade that tweets just for you!  Of course I love to be in the loop but this is even better, you are on the front row of what is going on at kate spade and in new york in general.  I am updated on the weather, lunch places, parties, theater, shopping etc...

Here are some pictures of the kate spade store tweeted by @katespadeny yesterday.

Cute aren't they?  It makes me want to go to the shop so bad!  I am going to be close today but in too much of a hurry to stop in.  I really want a pair of yellow tights to wear with my blue stripes.  I saw them there with the stripe Briella and loved them.  I loved the Briella too.  I think of everything out right now, that  dress is one of my favorites.   I wish I had a job so I could wear more dressy clothes.  Oh wait, I can wear whatever I want!  I think I may wear a  Briella tomorrow, black with red tights!  Is that a good plan?

Live colorfully,

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Patina said...

Love your philosophy on wearing whatever you want. I don't have a nurse and wear uniforms, but on my days off, I like to glam it up and wear my pretty clothes, shoes and jewelry also.