In January kate spade new york is Seeing Red!

check out the Behind the Curtian feature to find out all about the Year of Color!  January is RED and READ too as they have produced some great newspaper products this month also.  Watch my hilarious Youtube video about wardrobe capsules using the color red to get ideas of how to pair up some of your red pieces with black to create lots of outfits inspired by the color RED.  I even changed the color of my header to match the color of the month!  I love themes!  I used to be an elementary school teacher and  lived by color themes and holiday themes etc.  I am so excited that ksny has chosen this year to add some fun to our lives!

Live Colorfully,


Hilary Dow-Ward said...

January is my birthday month (yes I said month) so I'm totally excited about this plethora of RED in their showing for January. I immediately think I need one of all!

P.S. I love the Clyde...I suspect that the the hubster bought me one for my bday back in December! That will be a fun treat if my instincts are right!

Royaltygirl said...

Happy "birthday month" Hilary! Let me know what you get for your birthday! I am enjoying the red also, It is nice to see it in the winter when you need some color and not just in the summer with blue and white for the 4th of July!


NezumiRyuko said...

I'm so excited about this year-long color story!
I love color & monochromatic color coordinating so this is perfect for me. I also really love the art prints and little films.

I'm an April birthday, so I'm looking forward to April's color choice.

I wonder how the designs for the Year of Color cocktail rings will change. January's birthstone is conveniently the red garnet, but February's is the amethyst which doesn't match up with Pink, Feb's color. I hope the design will really change between months. That'd make for a really exciting ring collection.

Do you think the little color dots under Behind the Curtain's "Announcing A Colorful Collaboration" could represent the 12 months' colors? They look like Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, Orange, Yellow again?, Black, Turquoise, Violet, Brown, Indigo, and Fuchsia.

Royaltygirl said...

You are an "eagle eye" Nez! I didn't notice that! Maybe the second yellow is white because it is June and everyone is hot! I know yellow is third so it may really be in that order! You are so observant! I think you are on to something! I also like the ring collection idea! I may have to do that! My birthday is in Oct. and I don't like brown very much...boo! I will have to make up for it in Sept.! My b-day is Oct.1st so that is close enough to Sept.!


Royaltygirl said...

Nez, I was thinking, maybe the second yellow is Gold like metallic gold. Looking at the spring lookbook shows a bunch of orange, pink and yellow but no green. Who knows?

NezumiRyuko said...

Gold! That totally would make sense. It could even include that polka dot dress with the knife-pleated skirt in the preview.

Many of the Red items were not in the LookBook. I can't imagine them not doing Green at some point. I would if it'd be more kelly green or mint-like in order to distinguish it from the Kate Spade green...?