January 2011 kate spade wishlist! Let the wishing begin!

I might be wishing for too much to expect to get all these during January but I needed to start somewhere...

I tried on this Kollete skirt ($275) today at the ksny boutique.  It was perfect! It is at the top of my list.  I know that I will wear this skirt all the time!  The waist was high and the bow so fun!  It actually fit in a smaller size than usual!  Yay!

This stripe tee is next for only $145.  I will wear it with black and navy too!  Maybe even my bee cardi.

I already have the purple and the black in this Briella dress but this one is in cotton!  At $355 it may have to wait a little while.

I can always use a new scarf! Might even be a good little gift from my hubby for Valentine's day! The bow is so precious!

This Jillian dress is in cotton too and only $355.  This should really not on my list because I have enough black kate spade dresses but If if didn't, it would definitely be near the top.

This would be great for valentines day so I will have to buy it in January to have it for Feb. 14th!

Okay, this may have to go to the top of my list, It is so cute and only $125 for such a great timeless tank!

These are not kate spade but they are Bando shoe clips that I can attach to my kate spade shoes!  So Cute and only $25!
Every day something new is being added to katespade.com so this list may change tomorrow but I needed to start thinking about my future purchases so I don't waste my $$$ on junk somewhere else.  I have found that I wear my ksny apparel more than any other brand. 

I get more value per wear out of the clothes because I choose to wear them often instead of letting them sit in the closet.  A $400 dress worn 6 times is only $66 per wear but a $66 dress worn once and then banished to the closet is the same price per wear as the more expensive one.  If I love it, I make myself wear it.  I have made monthly outfit plans to make sure that my favorite pieces get out of the closet and put into outfits.  The worst thing to do is to "save" a favorite piece and never wear it.  If I love it, I wear it and wear it.  

Plan to wear your favorite things at least every other week or  you will find a season gone and miss out on wearing your special items more than once.  Good planning also means you are mixing and matching different things together to get a different look.  When you wear the same thing the same way, it can be repetitive but, pairing it with something else totally different keeps things fresh.  I will wear a dress once for Sunday church with heels and major jewelry then style it more casually the next time for lunch or shopping.  

Making wardrobe "capsules" that can be mixed and matched is another way to expand your options while wearing your favorite pieces different ways.  Two bottoms, two tops and a layering piece such as a cardi or jacket can really go a long way when supplemented by jeans and a couple of solid tees from target or J Crew. Throw a jean jacket into the mix and you have tons of options!  Play around with shoes, jewelry and scarves to further add to the different looks.    

I will do some capsule posts next week from my closet showing you how to mix things up yet keep the look cohesive.  Finding a common denominator such as color or fabric pattern helps tie things together.  

In January, kate spade is focusing on the color RED accented with black as you can see in the early spring things just added to the website.  This is the perfect way to start a wardrobe capsule.  The black skirt or hallie pant and lola houndstooth skirt, a white top such as the solid grace top and the red stripe bow tank can be combined into outfits by layering with a cardigan like the Intarsia bow in red or Genevieve in black. Add in your favorite little black dress and pair of jeans and you have a great wardrobe capsule.  You could dress for a month just using these pieces and adding accessories from your closet to change things up a bit.  
More on wardrobe planning in the future...



goldenmeans said...

Oh I *heart* the Intarsia Bow cardigan and the matching scarf :) They are on my wishlist for sure!

Royaltygirl said...

Goldenmeans, You and I are suckers for a cute cardi! I love it!

k said...

Love the red bow tank. It was on the website yesterday (in XS only) & now gone gone gone. Do you remember the name of it? I totally need it.