kate spade Newspaper Clutch- The Journal $125

This cute little newspaper clutch is only $125 and is made of Tyvek.  You know, those indestructible mailing envelopes that look like paper but are not, that is Tyvek.  It is so whimsical and fun, I must forgo all the previous things I was going to purchase and have this instead.  I am glad that I waited until today to buy something!  It is available for pre-order and will probably go fast because of the price point!  Act NOW!  That is why I am telling you about it right away, so you don't miss out.


I just had to show this too, the medium flat pouch for $65. This would be great in my Clyde typewriter bag!


Hilary Dow-Ward said...

Oh my goodness, two of the cutest things EVER!

greenbean said...

guess what the hubs just bought me?...the clutch!...although he might make me stop following you!...he asked if i saw it on "that blog"...lol....

Royaltygirl said...

Lucky You Greenbean! I am hoping to get the clutch for Valentines day or the scarf with the bow. I have never had a clutch before so I am not sure I would use it but it is so cute I would make myself!