kate spade outfit of the day- Emerald Isle Embellished Kimi Cardigan, Anthro Lost in Time Skirt- Inspired by Anjali of Goldenmeans

Such a pretty girl!

yes,  I am a copycat!  I saw the lovely Anjali of Goldenmeans wearing the Anthro Lost in Time skirt with red and I had to do the same (in honor of the ksny color of the month, of course!)  I love the way the red works with the neutrals and the black to balance the clocks on the skirt.  Plain black just didn't work because the bottom half was so strong and graphic.  The kate spade embellished kimi cardigan is the only reddish color I have, hopefully soon to be remedied by getting the Red Intarsia Bow cardi from kate spade. I did pick up a great cardigan in coral from Target yesterday.
$29.99 @ Target
It looks super great in person.  The white decoration is made of white jewels and beads.  For the price, I could not pass it up!  When the ksny color of the month is coral I will be all set!

Thank you Goldenmeans for your inspiration!


Patina said...

Lovely outfit. You did a great job with styling this skirt.The pattern can be overwhelming, but you did a great job with color to balance it out.

Royaltygirl said...

Thanks Patina! I think I am going to wear it with red every time I wear that skirt now. The other sweater I was planning is cream and now that I tried the brighter color, I think cream would be a wash-out! The kate spade motto is Live Colorfully, you know!