kate spade outfit of the day- Gail Corsage top, homemade stripe skirt & J Crew Jackie cardi

Today I am wearing a skirt I made last night from fabric I bought yesterday.  I have 2 more planned in yellow, red and green stripe.  I took the flowers off of my green Carnation Gail top from KS and put pins on the back.  Now I can wear the top with or without the flowers and use the flowers wherever else I want.  I pinned one on a headband and It was so cute, I will have to use it in my pink and green capsule for February.  I love J Crew Jackie cardigans and have many, this one is the greatest shade of pink!  Today kate spade announced the color red for this month but I was already dressed so I kept on the pink cardi.  I happened to be drinking some tea from the polka dot cup when my daughter was available to take my photo but it matched so I kept drinking.  I don't like lukewarm tea.  I love stripes and polka dots!

Color your World!


jca3244 said...

That skirt is amazing! Would you consider doing a tutorial?

Preppy Southern Belle said...

Super cute skirt...tutorial please!

goldenmeans said...

Wow Sandee -- you *made* that skirt?! It looks wonderful! I want one for my very own :)

Royaltygirl said...

I will try to do a tutorial when I make the next skirt. I used my kate spade Esti skirt as a guide for the width and length and the waistband. It was really easy but, I have been sewing for years. This skirt had a hidden waistband but next time I am doing it exactly like the esti with the actual waistband on top. I think it is more slimming on me to see it go in at the waist more. Maybe I will get to it this weekend.

Happy Friday!

kelbelle said...

Adorable! I discovered your blog over Christmas and have really enjoyed reading ever since! What a wonderful joie de vivre you have!

Royaltygirl said...

kelbelle, that is such a wonderful compliment! You are so sweet!

Tin (ni Johann) said...

Such a lovely skirt!

Would love to see a tutorial as well! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Wow...You have AMAZING talent.