kate spade outfit of the day- Green striped skirt, J Crew cardi, Les Fleurs Necklace, Disco Bracelet, Bow Ring and ks Loafers

I made a green skirt and just had to try it out with a hot pink J crew Cardi. I am carrying my hibiscus Quinn and wearing my hot pink Les Fleurs necklace.  I have Kate Spade (notice the capital letters...that is THE Kate Spade) loafers from 2004 that exactly match my skirt.  All the other jewelry is not visible in the photo but really made the outfit more fun!  So much for RED!  I promise I will wear it tomorrow!



spryfly said...

I love your posts and all the updates about Kate Spade! I just got the newspaper clutch and bought one of the penguins (all the money they raised goes to a charity,) they used in the holiday displays. I hope to comment here more, thanks for a great blog!

Royaltygirl said...

Spryfly,you got one of the penguins? Awesome! I know you will take good care of it! I bet it likes colorful food! Congrats on the newspaper clutch too! I am still going round and round on it. I may get it this week with my allowance if I don't find something else that is too good to pass up like the dress I got at the outlet on Friday. I am all over a deal 4 sure! Please be a frequent commenter, we all love to hear from other kate spade-aholics!


Alransb said...

I Love the green skirt! You said you made it?! It looks awesome, where did you find the fabric?