kate spade outfit of the day- Picnic Tweed Sandie Jacket, Tulleries Necklace

Okay, this is a really bad representation of the outfit I wore today!  It was time for bed and I was going to put on my pjs and I realized that I did not have this outfit documented yet.  This is for me so I can remember what I put together with what.  I thought I looked great all day and now seeing this picture, I wonder about this combo.  I think it is the bad lighting and tired model.  It is paybacks for not wearing red today.  I just wasn't feelin the RED thing today.  I figured Deborah Lloyd wouldn't mind if I strayed from the color of the month as long as I "live colorfully"!  Purple sweater and purple tights was a very colorful combination but I didn't get any compliments on my outfit except for the necklace.  There is always tomorrow to try again...

Sleep Colorfully,

* I worked on the tutorial for the skirt tonight and made myself a red and white stripe skirt in the process!  Yay!

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