kate spade outfit of the day- White lace Gail dress with black cardi and teal accents

Today I decided to wear this outfit that I had planned for a couple months and never would choose it for some reason or other.  I was trying to "practice what I preach" about wearing your clothes and not just keeping them in the closet.  The last time I wore this dress was in October, so it was sitting long enough.  It is only a year old so it still needs to spend more time in circulation.  I will be looking for some new ways to wear it for the spring, but my favorite is the way it was styled by kate spade in their ad.

This is the way I will wear it next time!  Red tights, Les Fleurs necklace and hot pink bag with black flats.  I will have to use my Quinn because I don't have that cute pink bag.  The dress is a little long on me so I usually have to wear a belt to raise it up shorter.  Too bad I don't have a black balloon!  Maybe it will rain and I can carry my black and white polka dot umbrella.

I am getting excited about the new kate spade bedding collection that is coming to Bed Bath and Beyond!  I may have to save my clothing allowance to buy some pillows and a duvet. Check out lonnymag.com this month for a sneek peak at the heirloom rose collection!

*UPDATE*   I just checked eBay and there is a size 8 lace gail dress on sale right now!  BIN for $170 but it is bid up to $21.50 right now!  That is a DEAL!  It does run a little large but the style can be loose and still look good.

Color your world!

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