kate spade Summer line is awesome!

My friend Ann from katespadeloveaffair.com informed me this morning that the kate spade summer 2011 lookbook was live and she already picked out a skirt for me...

Sugar Beach Lillith Skirt $325 

I took a look and totally agree that I have to have that skirt!  It reminds me of the green and white stripe one that I designed for spring.  I love the navy with the green!  I am going to get this one as soon as it comes out.  The other item that I cannot live without is the elephant basket!

Royal Plantation Elephant basket $295

more about the new collection later...I have to get to work on some skirt orders and new skirt designs for the summer! The black and white and Yellow and white colorways are back in stock!

Live Colorfully!

*update* kate spade ny told me not to publish the links to the lookbook.  Sorry.


JG said...

Wow, that elephant purse is amazing. I could definitely see you rocking that piece.

Incidentally, speaking of whimsical purses, you've got me totally obsessed with the All Typed Up Clyde. I passed on it during the extra 25% off sale and now I'm majorly regretting it. You wear it so well!

Royaltygirl said...

JG, I saw some Clyde bags on ebay last week. I bet you will still be able to get one if you "keep and eye out" on ebay.

I have found that if I love something, it is worth the sacrifice in other places to get it because It will "Haunt" me for ever if I don't! I am still deciding on the newspaper clutch but I may pass on it...It is so cute, I hope it doesn't haunt my dreams if I don't get it. Maybe I should just get it and then I will sleep better at night!


spryfly said...

I looooove you in jeans! And that typed up clyde just pops your outfit at the dairy, how cute was that statue too!

I am absolutely getting the binocular necklace. I used to birdwatch a lot, and its the perfect accessory for me. I remember seeing a similar necklace eons ago aimed at birders, but it was more expensive and not as cute.

I might get that flamingo purse, but I just realized I have a lulu guinness flamingo purse that is the bomb and I almost never use. so I may pass and hope she does other flamingo themed items, the more I think about it. I need to pull that out and use it!

I'm still waiting for the release of the journal 'scarf' which was in that photo shoot that anne was talking about. So far, not a peep. (It has that cute 'ad' based journal print, but in a scarf with a red border! MUST HAVE.)

The love notes necklace is also adorable and just hit the website. Its a little envelope on a long chain with a little removable letter in it, that says 'seal with a kiss' and the envelope snaps shut so you won't lose it. Cuuuuute.

Oh, I forgot to say! I looove the Clyde purse, its so practical with that outside pocket and the shoulder strap! I hope they 'remake' that design and release it again, as another 'object'. It looks great with your outfits you've shown it with! - Kelly

NezumiRyuko said...

I really love the shade of green KS is using this Summer. I have a light jacket that same color that'd work really well with some of the pieces.

I'm also totally eyeing that green/navy/white stripe skirt! I don't have a green full skirt yet, so this'll fill a spot in my closet.

The green and white leaf print dress is also adorable. It's so fresh looking and the bow-shaped bodice is so cute.

I'm happy to see more versions of the Katie pouch bag. I love the style and am waiting for just the right version to pounce. ;)

Lastly, I'm dying to try the Franca sunglasses!

the kate spade addict said...

i got the same note from KS about the link! ;p