Candy Shop Jeanette Dress is finally available online!

For those of you that have been waiting for this Candy Shop Jeanette dress to become available, I hope you have saved your $$ because it is HERE!  This is the most timeless and refreshing dress I have seen for a long time!  I am calling my store to see if they have it yet because I am unsure about sizes right now as I am about 5 pounds heavier than last year (boo hoo).  I really really want this one!

Live Colorfully,


shayna said...

Yes, I see they have a 4,6 and 14 on line. Guess I might need to drive to houston myself.Let me know what you find out!

NezumiRyuko said...

Yikes! It's selling so quickly! I guess the promotional photo shoot with Bryce Dallas Howard really did the trick.

I really hope they'll restock it online. Otherwise my dream of stalking it to sale will be over... *sigh*

jca3244 said...

Pretty sure a few of their newer items "sell out" online only to be re-stocked a few days later. I think the red stripe tank did when it first arrived and now it's restocked in all sizes

goldenmeans said...

I am so excited this is finally online, I've been drooling over it since the Spring lookbook preview! :) The colors seem a little less jewel-tone and a little more...pastel-y, unfortunately, but I still like it.

NezumiRyuko said...

@ goldenmeans:

I think that's just the photography. Zappos also has the dress (along with quite a few items still not on KS's site) and the colors are more true to the Lookbook:


Alison said...

Sandee! Let us know about the sizing! I want to order online but I'm not sure about the sizing! Keep us posted!

Love your blog! We need a capsle with this dress!

alison :)

Jessica said...

That dress is so sweet!

On another note, I've been obsessing over the Kate Spade Karolina pumps, but I'm so nervous to take the plunge. Do have KS shoes? How do they run? I wear either a 7 or 7.5 depending on the brand.

Royaltygirl said...

I have found the shoes to run small but this can vary at times. A 6 is snug on me but a 6.5 is loose usually but not always! I can fill the larger one with comfy inserts to make it fit better so I err on the larger side most of the time.
you could buy both pairs and return the one that didn't fit.

Alison said...

Because I just started buying kate spade pumps, I have to chime in. First off, I wear my kate spade halle wedge pumps once every week on my long days, which consist of 12-15 hours. I am on my feet walking around all day and I have to tell you that I have never before found a pump that is as comfortable as my kate spade's. I'm think about buying another pair because I know that I am going to wear these out and I always want to have a pair! :) I find that if you really wear them a lot, they stretch out a little, but as Sandee said, you can just get a comfy insert. You will not be disappointed, I promise!

I hope this helps!
Alison :)