check out the pics from the Fall 2011 show onTumblr!

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NezumiRyuko said...

Oh wow! Such cute things! I'm always happy to see the New Kate Spade releases/previews, since nearly everything is exactly my style. (However, my wallet is not as happy... ;)

I *love* the mod riding-style hats (looks like they come in red and camel)! I've actually been trying to find this style hat for a while now. I wanted one in green, but I'll settle for red. :D

I also love the tiny gloves with bows at the wrist. I wonder what the material is. Not sure if I'd use leather ones, but knit definitely!

newlywedwifenewlywedlife said...

Love the All Typed Up stationary!

I am so hoping that there will be an All Typed Up iPad cover!

Royaltygirl said...

newlywed, I really would like to see an all typed up nookcolor cover. there are no kate spade covers right now so I know there will be some cute ones soon!

Nezumi,I too love the hats and gloves! Houston weather doesn't lend itself to those much but I like to have something cute on hand when it does!