I love the kate spade Zoya blouse at Zappos!

kate spade Zoya blouse $245 at zappos.com
I just love this blouse made of a cotton/silk combo.  It is so fun and stripey!  It is nice to find some items that are different than the ones that I see everyday when I check katespade.com.  I have seen this before on neimanmarcus.com also.  I have been looking for a pair of white skinny jeans. I would wear them with this blouse with some red heels.  I still love stripes!

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Becky said...

Hi Sandee! LOVE your blog, read it every day :) Just wanted to comment on the zappos posts... I work at KS, and I noticed earlier that you decided against an outfit because the model from zappos looked different than the kate model in it. I totally get the hesitation (I am quite busty, and a lot of things that look great on the kate models look crazy on me, to say the least), but as I was shopping on zappos, I noticed that they either pinned the garments oddly or the model was slouching, because shirts and dresses I've seen look adorable on LOTS of people looked mad awkward on the zappos girl... I guess I'm saying that if you like a style on the kate website, be sure you try it on, because something about how they're pinning it is off.

keep writing! it's awesome :)