My Fall 2011 Favorites (don't worry, we will get back to spring really soon!)

all photos via WWD by Kevin Tachman

I am so in love with this collection!  I say this every time...but this is the best one yet!   The skirt length is one of the contributions made by stylist Brad Goreski.  The skirts are way too short for me at my age but maybe they will be a few inches longer in real life.

I just said to my daughter before seeing this collection that I hoped Deborah would do a plaid and POW! there it was.  I think it is reminiscent of her Burberry of London days.  The whole collection has a young vibe without alienating us "older folks."  Brad's styling was preppy-chic!  I loved that he maintained the clean-cut preppy style but gave it a chic, high fashion edge.

My favorite accessory is the hat! So cute and London-ish.  Next, is the piano keyboard clutch.  Then, the pom pom poof shoes.  There were only a few colored tights in the styling of these looks so I hope that is not going out of trend.  My favorite outfit for myself is the green dress (looks like a sleeveless very short Briella) with the teal blue cardigan.  Next would be the black loose shift with the bow at the neck and long sleeves.  I also love the last photo, a pink plaid dress with the ruby cardigan.  To see all the looks and pick your favorites, check out WWD's report of the collection.

There is a great interview on Elle with Deborah Lloyd and Brad Goreski!

Now I am off to clean out my closet and organize it to get ready for Spring... I have to have a super nice closet or I don't like my clothes and want to spend too much money buying more and more.  When everything is organized and pretty, it makes me creative and I come up with new ideas for my old cothes!


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