New additions to the SALE section of katespade.com!



It is great to see some new items on sale on the kate spade website!  I have had my eye on the pieces above since January and I love to get a "deal"!  The one that is my favorite pick is the yellow stripe t-shirt because yellow is the color of the month for March and I need more yellow!  My kate spade store has yellow tights too... but here in Texas, I won't be wearing tights anymore.  I had to switch to sandals today because it was too warm to put my feet into real shoes.

I bought some high waisted white jeans today and am planning some yellow outfits with them for March.  I didn't do well with the pink theme in February because most of my pink is spring and summer.  I am going to wear a pink outfit tomorrow to go shopping with my daughter.  I have been going much more casual while poodle training. Olivia wants to eat my skirts and chew my shoes!  I am going to visit my "shop" in the attic where I have my spring/summer clothes to find some suitable attire.  I know I have lots of yellow up there but nothing kate spade.  I always have my Quinn to add a pop of yellow and my daisy pin with the yellow center.  I have the kate spade daisy necklace too.  I will have to wear that one during March.

have a sunshiny day!


Patina said...

I never considered wearing yellow in March and really don't own that many yellow items of clothing. The tee is adorable and I am seriously considering buying it. it's just so adorable.

jca3244 said...

I'm glad to see new arrivals in the sale section but I'm wondering when they'll bring the sample sale stock back to the regular site. I know there were some items not even close to selling out that still aren't back on the site.

Royaltygirl said...

jca, I am pretty sure that they are sending the leftover items to the outlets. My outlet is expecting to receive lots of apparel in the next week or so. You can call to see if they have what you are looking for. I have found that sometimes, they actually mark it up in price and then have discounts such as 30% off on top of the higher price. Other times, it has come in for super cheap and gets scooped up right away. It depends on the item. I am hoping for a mercury haley skirt for under $100! My girls at the outlet are going to call me as soon as it comes in. They are expecting it...I hope it is cheaper than the sample sale, I will be so sad if it is more expensive!