New kate spade dresses at Neiman Marcus!

These three cuties are available on neimanmarcus.com.  They don't look like the kate spade we have seen before, maybe a little more like Lilly Pulitzer or Milly.  What do you think?

I am just having a little fun shopping on the internet tonight while my family is watching The Prince of Persia.  I cleaned the media room sofa today so it is wet and everyone is hanging out in my room watching the movie.  It is so cozy!  All we need now is our new puppy!  We pick her up tomorrow morning...let the training begin!

Live Colorfully!


jca3244 said...

Honestly- these look like they were made by a different designer :( Not fan at all!

I did notice that the candy stripe Janette dress at Neimans and Zappos has the cute gold buttons (like Deborah's dress in the youtube video) while the Kate Spade site has the boring (and plain) white buttons. I wonder why this is

Royaltygirl said...

the candy stripe dress at bloomingdales has the gold buttons too! You are observant!
I agree with you about the new dresses! I was disappointed with them but love the Jillian dresses with the stripes and polkadots that are on katespade.com right now!

Brandi said...

First off I would like to say your blog is fabulous! I am from Houston, TX also and I just ran into your blog. I am a Kate Spade addict also! I am,however, not loving this line for Neiman Marcus its so not Kate Spade. I need more color to "Live Colorfully"

nezumiryuko said...

Regarding the Jeanette's buttons, sometimes the product photos (and descriptions) on the Kate Spade website are of the samples, so some details will change.

I see what you mean about these new looks looking a bit unusual compared with KS's previous clothing offerings. I do like both dresses you posted, though. I love the green color, but the Moroccan-inspired pattern is definitely throwing me a bit. The yellow one is delightfully '60s/'70s, so it doesn't feel as out of place to me.
I think the lack of KS styling is what's really making these pieces appear odd. Like how the Zappos photos make the clothing seem off. KS sells a lifestyle, after all... ;)

NezumiRyuko said...

Forgot to add:

Went over the NeimanMarcus.com and thought the most out of place item was the Anette Gold-Embroidered Dress.
It's very pretty (love the color!), but really doesn't look very "Kate Spade" to me...

redwhitebride said...

i have to agree with you on this. i love the anette dress and even that doesn't look very kate spade-y. i was expecting more like the eryn dress from lilly pulitzer.

redwhitebride said...

oh... and i thought the faye dress would be in red.