NEWS:The new color of the month doesn't get released until next week...Think red a little longer

While we are waiting for the new color of the month to be released next week, kate spade has launched a super cute styling guide for the spring items with a pop of red.  This is totally ME!  I love black and white with a pop of color.  I didn't put all the photos here so you can go to the site and see the cute way they are presented.  You click on the white item to see it styled with a pop of red!  Wow! How fun are the outfits!

I wasn't ready to give up the red yet anyway, I will have to shelf the Clyde and use my hot pink Quinn when the pink is launched.  How about a pink and red combo for a while...Yeah.



NezumiRyuko said...

I looked through the outfit pics the other day (though the new interface is so cute!) and they must have burrowed into my brain. Without even thinking about January's red theme, I picked out a black, white, and red outfit today. :D

It's a variation on one of the KS Fall 2009 Looks:
OOTD - Kate Spade - Dashing into the Office

I have the dotted socks, too, but it's too cold today to not wear tights...

Royaltygirl said...

Oh Nez! Your Polyvore was so cute! You have so much kate spade! Why don't you take photos of yourself in your outfits? I wanna see!