today I wore: the kate spade Briella dress in black with pink tights and pink quinn bag

Today I wore the black silk/cotton Briella dress with accents of pink.  I wore pink tights and carried my hot pink quinn.  I also added my Coach poppy plaid shoes with the pink and purple bows.  Madeline took this pic really quick in the kitchen after I had been wearing the outfit all day so the lighting isn't good and I sure look tired.  The dress is wrinkled in the front from sitting down most of the day.  Yesterday I didn't get a photo of my outfit so I was determined to get one today!  Do you think that I should shorten the dress? I hope to wear it without tights in the spring so I can't go too short.  Also, today I wore it buttoned up all the way without a necklace for a different look.  I think it makes it more casual.  Especially with the flats.  I love kate spade dresses!



Portland Sunshine said...

i thought of you while in nyc...


Patina said...

After seeing the Clyde Typewriter bag on your blog, I quickly bought one. I love how you styled it and I also love your video capsules. You collection of Kate Spade is just to die for. I have been collecting her bags since the 90's and still own my original noel and backpack, which were my first purchases. I'm looking forward to more posts and have added you to my blogroll. Have a great weekend.