what I wore: kate spade esti skirt with white oxford shirt and yellow flower pin

My outfit was a simple kate spade esti skirt with a white oxford shirt that I found in the boys department at Target.  I added a yellow flower pin and carried my yellow Quinn (forgot to carry it in the photo).  My necklace was the ksny birdcage. When I was at Stein Mart a really sweet lady told me that I looked like a kate spade ad!  I told her that was the best compliment!!!

Maddy wore her kate spade owl dress with  jean jacket and polka dot tights from forever 21.  She is such a pretty girl!  I am going to borrow this dress soon!  I love the yellow color!  Next month the color of the month is yellow so I have to wear it in March.

Olivia came home for the first time yesterday and we have been having fun playing poodle games all day (and night)!  She had to be spayed before we could get her so she had hersurgery on Monday.  By Tuesday morning when we picked her up, she didn't even act like she had anything done at all!  They had to shave her left leg for the IV so she is not symmetrical and it is driving me crazy!  I may just have to shave the other one to make them match.  She is so good!  She learned how to sit on the 3rd try.  She is so smart!  She learned how to potty outside on the first day!  It is amazing how smart a Standard poodle is!

Have a colorful day!


Khristine said...

I really love your look!

So simple and chic! Yes, I agree with the lady who said you look like you came out of a Kate Spade ad!

Tin (ni Johann) said...

Ooops! Forgot to sign in to my blogger account properly -- above comment was mine. ^_^

Patina said...

Your new baby is adorable!! I love your outfit and agree...you looked like you walked right off the kate spade website. I love your outfit and you kate spade style. You always pair the colors and patterns together perfectly.

jca3244 said...

Love that skirt on you! Looks perfect with the relaxed button up. Wish Kate Spade would make Esti skirts again!

Your daughter's dress is too cute and she is beautiful! Wish I had style like that when I was younger.