Zappos has kate spade apparel!

Thank you to NezumiRyuko who let us know about the new arrivals at Zappos.com in the comments sections of this post .  It is amazing because they have things that are not yet available at katespade.com because they are probably holding them for the announcement that PINK is the color of the month.  When you look at the date night rings on zappos it is obvious that pink is the color for February and yellow is the color for March.  Lots of jewelry in pink and yellow has just arrived.  They also have this super cute pink stripe Jillian dress.

The pink Jillian dress is available in a few sizes right now on zappos.com!  I totally love it and it is in cotton!  I may have just changed my mind about getting the candy shop dress because this is PINK and my favorite style, Jillian!  I was thinking after seeing the candy shop dress on this model that it might not work on me as I am larger on top than the average gal.
I can only get one dress so I have to be choosy.  In the end, I may not even get either of these because my kate spade outlet called and they have a huge shipment of apparel that has transferred in from the boutique stores in the area.  Those low prices really get me and usually I end up spending my $$ there instead.  Check out zappos.com and see what is available!

Live colorfully,


Cecilia said...

Hi, Sandee - I've been a fan of your blog for a while now & just wanted to say thanks so much for always sharing all the exciting Kate Spade info. Let us know what you find at your Kate Spade outlet!

Royaltygirl said...

Cecilia, thanks for the sweet words!

Kate said...

It's funny -- I love the candy shop dress on the model in the kate spade website, but I almost dislike it on the zappos website! I can't tell if it's the styling, or the fact that the colors look much much brighter on the zappos site.